Moog Sirin


I don’t understand how all these companies are taking pre-orders. Did Moog make up the 2,500 limit?


nope, just vastly overestimating how many synths companies like moog actually produce and sell. There’s a reason the cost is so high compared to behringer etc


Preorders are up on Thomann, Andertons and a few other places. £620/€720. Stock due end March - early April :+1:


KMR too.


Stock is due to hit dealers any day now. Pre-orders are just a way for a shop to get your business versus another shop that waits until there’s stock before opening sales. I think people are overestimating the demand for this synth, plus 2,500 is actually a pretty big number in terms of a synth production run.


Thanks! 720€…way overpriced. 739€ for the SubPhatty and 949€ for the Grandmother are better offers. And even the Minitaur 419€.


Indeed, but consider once all 2,500 are sold, 720€ may some day become a rather attractive price. :thinking:


You mean…Like an OP1? So far…i cover my Moog needs with the 10,99 Model D iPad App from Moog…good enough.


Perhaps maybe when OP1 was not being manufactured, but since it is now, no.
Sirin = fixed supply. Once demand eclipses supply, price will rise.

That makes me curious, at what price is the Sirin appealing to you?


yeah i’ve been super happy with all moog apps, seriously for the cost the sound really is beyond close enough, im glad I can stand using IOS apps cause people are really missing out


419 Like the Minitaur. Its basically the Same Synth, except the different Oscillator and different colored Case. And i would bet they Used the osc from the Sub* Line.


picked one up in the states a couple of weeks ago. thought i’d just flip it for profit in germany to some brand-thirsty eager mf hahaha. yes, shameless. :stuck_out_tongue: ended up keeping it, figure i’ll get some lovely sounds out of it for a while and if i want, sell it later once it’s out of production, again to some brand-thirsty mf, to help me pay for a prophet :smile:

finally got a second to play with it this morning. it sounds fucking gorgeous, especially run through the el capistan (and i may add a 90s digital delay into the chain for more fun), and now i don’t think i’ll ever sell it. i have the grandmother on my list, already have a monologue… but yeah… this thing sounds fucking BUTTER. i personally adore the square on this in higher registers.

i got it for USD $600 (sam ash dude hooked me up with a $50 discount). if i were to pay €720 here in DE, i’d probably just skip it.

it’s my first moog and i’m hooked, and well pleased!!!


Same thing happened to me - bought it on a whim when they announced during NAMM. Planned to hold on to it for a bit then flip. I have been using it quite regularly. It does sound quite good.


never used the beatstep before today either, so this is quite elementary, but it sounds delicious:


Can anyone with a DFAM and Sirin confirm that they sound different? The Sirin seems to get really close to the DFAM square wave played in the higher registers with an Arturia Keystep.

Since playing the DFAM this way i’ve been really liking it for leads too. Just wondering how different the Sirin might sound in direct comparison.

Thanks y’all! :ok_man:


I have owned the minitaur for a while but feature-wise the DFAM and Sirin are very different and made for different purpose too. Id imagine you could replicate some sounds within the two but it would still sound different even though they are both moogs. Just how a Grandmother sounds different to the Sub line although some of their features are more related than Minitaur-DFAM.


These finally showed up where I live. I’ve tried one for a few hours, and have used a Minitaur on and off, for years.

If I was shopping for one of these, I’d go for the Sirin. There’s no difference that matters when it comes to doing proper bass, and as for where the Sirin can go and the Minitaur can’t, it offers a unique tone and timbre which not other Moogs can reach, as well.

It’s quite something, a Moog synth with a character of its own, and even for a Moog, very punchy i the low ends.

Doesn’t hurt that it looks the part, too.


Sorry for taking me so long…it´s just because i pulled the plunge. And now a sirin is waiting for me at home for a whooping 645€ from Thomann. It is a B-Stock unit, but i already checked it out, before i left for work…it has nothing! Can´t wait to play it via the Digitone Keys and through the Digitone Keys…


Hm…why is there no Power on/off Switch? Or did i miss something?

I am a former Moog Voyager, Little Phatty, Sub Phatty, Sub 37, Mother32 owner. So i am a bit experiened when it comes to Moog Sound. I have to say that i find Sirin, just Like Mother32 rather Vanilla sounding, compared to lets say the Little Phatty. When i Open the Filter i miss the rasping buzziness, that can cut through a Mix. Also the Reso is not singing as nice as my former Moogs
Not sure If i want to keep that little Moog. Has the Grandmother that Buzz and singing Reso?

EDIT: Argl… i Just realized what i was doing wrong with the Sirin. I kept the Osc Mix Levels around 50%. I need to push the levels Harder.
Just noticed this after watching this:

Well, maybe i am keeping it. The Form Factor is great for me.


Nice little trio ya got there.

Amazing to think that 15 years ago this would be a true dream setup for most electronic music. Especially for $1300ish.
I would have traded my MPC for it in a heartbeat!