Moog Sirin



So it’s a Minitaur in silver that can play higher notes. Nice! But I’m keeping my 'taur…


Yes basically, and limited to 2500 units.

By the way the video demo is lovely, it produces great sounds.


??? i´ve got no idea how to comment on that. first thought: will they find 2500 people buying that ? it´s propably much cooler than it seems, anyway ???
edit: i listened on laptop speakers: didn´t hear any bass. thought it just does the opposite of a minitaur without any bass. lol


Nice! But what is that sequencer?


That’s a Monome Grid controller playing probably one of the Monome modules.


I’ve only listened to this on my phone, but it sounded like a random fluttery noodle mess
I guess it’s not aimed at me.


First time watching a synth vid on YouTube eh




it´s called complex harmonic Content :smiley:


If it’s trying to convince me to buy one it failed in a big way , but I’m sure many more vids will appear over the next few years.


It did have a headphone disclaimer in the intro… This definitely looks / sounds interesting. Nice form factor, and with the colorful front panel, it’s like a scaled down Grandmother. It seemed like folks really liked the Minitaur, but it wasn’t without its foibles (secondary parameters accessed via the editor app, etc.). Can’t wait to hear more.


This remains the case here, from what I can tell. Note how even in the demo he’s playing it with the editor open on his screen.


Is it making the first heard bass or the twinkle or the second deeper bass? That’s a beautiful twinkle.


With the exception of the DFAM’s percussive analog backbeat, all sounds in this video come from Sirin. Nick Sanborn uses the free downloadable Sirin Editor Librarian software to automate and recall parameter settings as he layers multiple monophonic tracks from Sirin.




Darn, the reports I read and heard about the editor gave me pause when considering the Minitaur. Maybe they put some work into updating it based on user feedback?


I love the editor and use it all the time with my Minitaur. I’ve had (in a year of semi-extensive use) zero problems with it or the 'taur.


remember, just like the Minitaur, if you need a visual numerical of the current patch number to assist in smoothly using this live without the editor, there is the Tech 21 Midi Mouse


I really enjoyed the video! Sounds lovely to me. One of the few NAMM announcements that made me sit up a bit