Moog Sirin


I’m not sure I said any of those things. I’m just curious to see if the increased note range lost some of the bottom end, if the editor’s stability improved at all, etc. I love my minitaur! I knew what I was getting when I bought it, a bass machine designed for one purpose. I bought a Sirin because I loved my Minitaur sounds so much. It sounds pretty unique compared to other Moog synths I own.


oh, that wasn’t aimed specifically at you.
Just feels like every time it’s mentioned a bunch of people chip in to say “it’s super limited”. I mean, it is I guess, but it’s not like it claims to be a polyphonic granular workstation on the box.

I’d recommend it if people wanted something that makes really fat bass sounds and cone shredding sub. I wouldn’t if they wanted something else.



Osc reset


At least not all the new stuff coming out is ugly.

Grandmother looks good, this looks good. But for my budget I just need the Moog iOS Apps to have this style skin as an option. I would honestly use them more

Oh and the new Elektron with the catchy name looks nice to me too


and more knobs?



Okay guys, Sirin is here. Had a fun test run with it. Here are my thoughts so far:

  • I immediately heard a clear sonic difference with the Minitaur. Clearly less bottom end. No longer a bass synthesizer. Now it’s a “bass-ey” synthesizer. Still plenty of bass, but nothing close to Minitaur. Much more versatile now (in addition to the much higher note range)
  • Clearer sound than the Minitaur (which is fuzzier and more muted in character). Sits somewhere between the Minitaur and the more common standard Moog sound. This might be the Moogiest sounding Moog I’ve owned/used. nothing like the very modern sub Phatty.
  • resonance sounds better, clearer, is toned down from the Minitaur. Much more controlled. The Minitaur had a particularly strange resonance that sounded separate from the rest of the synth. The resonance here is well integrated and sounds much better, big improvement.
  • the Minitaur editor was full of nagging issues and would randomly close on me all the time. Sirin editor, so far, had no issues. Huge plus here!

Great, versatile synth. Not a Minitaur with greater note range. Certainly same family, but sounds different enough to my ear.


Great review, that’s what many of us wanted to hear.


woo hoo. the fan boy in me bought one and its good to hear i wont regret it


Just got one, and it is really an awesome piece of kit, especially paired with some of these weird monome apps.


where are you guys buying the Sirin? I can’t find it for sale anywhere, and read that they are only making 2500 of them. let me know, thanks

EDIT: they are already going on Reverb for double the price… sigh


Not on Sale in Europe?


If I recall, they had a limited sale for US during NAMM on their own site. Then after that, check with your local dealer / shop in US & Europe, etc. Don’t lose hope. Those folks trying to gouge people on Reverb will get their due. 2500 units is actually a pretty big run in the synth world. Don’t lose hope!


Do not buy a Sirin off reverb right now. It’s a great synth, but it isn’t worth those prices.

Some of them were sold over the weekend through an online store Moog set up through reverb. The rest will be sold in stores around the world soon (not sure how many are left and when they’ll be in stores)


Great to hear! Mine should be arriving tomorrow, my Minitaur and Elektron boxes are excited for their new friend :sunglasses:


Pretty cool once he gets to the square wave. Totally re-voiced. You guys may enjoy this. You can really hear how much cleaner and vintage the Sirin is compared to the much meaner growling Minitaur


At this price I’ll just wait for Behringer to release a clone; aka ‘the Birin’


I bought one that’s arriving today but I’m not sure if I should even open it or just sell it. I really liked the original demo song by Nick but I’m not usually a fan of the moog sound and these demos are just confirming that. Plus I can barely afford it.


The square is considerably thinner on the Sirin. Its interesting but the minitaur wins a point there.


Yes much thinner. I think it’s a matter of preference. Each has its own character


US preorder: