Moog Sirin




That reads so bad Like i am going to have forgotten it right After Reading. Whats wrong about a Preset Button? Even the 149€ Waldorf Streichfett has those. Why didnt they took the ones from the SubPhatty?

Seriously, i Had several Moogs in my Life, starting with a Moog Voyager. They all suffered from Bad UI Design. I dont get it why they cant get it right?


I sold Mine years ago…


ok, now I’m confused


I totally understand the anti-editor software feelings. Not for everyone. And I still wish I got pwm. But hey, if you liked the Minitaur, it’s a limited edition minitaur, with a higher note range. And the Minitaur is my favorite sounding synth ever so…


Why is this synth more desirable than slim phatty? Am i missing something?


cuz it came out this week. New product hype


I completely get where you’re coming from here and I was kinda hoping that this synth was the one where the sound was just so nice I could justify the cost purely on sound and interface (to hell with a million and one functions!!!) and it does… until i read…

And for me the immediacy is destroyed. I have this thing about how I really love deep complex synths… and really immediate just grab-a-hold-o-them synths too… but I get so frustrated with those that fall between those two extremities. Not immediate enough to be instant gratification but not deep enough to really explore.

I guess when I read in the manual that you press Glide, twist the cutoff with your left hand, then hold the Osc 1 shape button with your nose, push filter envelope release with your right hand, then hook your left nostril onto the vco lfo amnt before finally resting your right eyelashes onto the release button to enable hard sync I worry that it won’t be too immediate…


Totally understand. Moog tried to make the Minitaur more accessible with these shortcuts but I’ve NEVER used them a single time. A million obscure combinations, no thanks. The fact is, the software editor is integral to the unit. So if that doesn’t work for you, you should pass.


I love both sounds. Dave Smith and Moog make decent products with decent feature sets and dont always break the bank


Yeah, i think that’s what concerns me. I’m only likely to use an editor where there are a whole bunch of features that I would benefit from the visual interface for. With these Moogs… the few extra probably make it too much of a hassle for me to go to the bother which would put me back in the shortcut memorising zone… so, yeah, I guess not for me… maybe the next Moog (whatever it is) might be the one!


Kobs per funtion Rate is better, also built quality. Plus slim Phatty is Out of production.


After the smoke has settled I guess this is my favourite of this year’s NAMM announcements.

At first I got excited about the MicroFreak, but it’s a bit of an eyesore and I put (maybe too) much weight on good looks in synths. Used to have the Minitaur and loved it. The only real downside was that it was limited to only bass-duties. Sirin fixes that problem and looks beautiful to look at the same time. Hopefully they’ll sell the whole batch of 2500 synths in a blink of an eye and I can forget it and de-GAS myself.


I went to buy one this morning but the sale was over :pensive:


I have the minitaur and I love the sound soo much. Really hate that the higher octave range was not designed into the original as that makes so much sense.

Other than that, the minitaur is too much of a one trick pony. Not sure I can recommend it to anyone. Either save more to get a better moog, or just be something different.

I was also pretty disappointed that they did not add any features to the sirin. Feels like there is lots of in that sound engine.


That’s why I was wanting to buy one. I’ve had the Minotaur in the past and the added octaves would have made it more useful. The Minotaur is still very useful though, it can be cc’ed externally so it’ll team up great with a daw or digitakt or octatrack would be a great way to program animation.

I agree though, For a little bit more $$$ you could get a more versatile moog or something that is close like pulse 2 etc.


I LOVE the grandmother colors! And this new Sirin as well! I would happily have more machines with soulful, quirky/fun colours. Looking at my desk I sometimes get sad of all my black elektron boxes. More color to the world!




My unit should arrive today. Will report back with my findings.


I never really get what other trick you want a bass synth to do other than provide really solid bass.
Which a minitaur really does.

even better for working with the DT, you can have a different patch for every trig!