Moog Sirin


don’t tempt me with a good time!


I like it, I think it’s been nearly universally praised for the design. I think it was even voted #1 in a poll I saw recently.


I suppose my impression was based solely on Synth Memes


Just ordered :slight_smile:


I’ve always felt that owning a Moog was a rite of passage that everyone who’s into synths should do at some point ever since when I was starting out and passed up on a Moog Prodigy for a £100 when I could get a Soundblaster AWE32 for £220… but in all that time since I’ve never got one. There was always something that just didn’t click… the Minitaur was bass only, the M32 only had one osc, the DFAM is too percussiony, the One is cheap and nasty. But this seems interesting… I’ll keep my eyes on it to see if I’ll finally break my duck.


I, like you, was always on the fence about Moog products. High prices for seemingly limited hardware. When compared to elektron gear and other modern options, it seems like a joke. But with Moog you’re not paying for synthesis options or versatility. What you’re paying for is:

  • the quality and unique sound of the oscillator(s) (the ‘Moog sound’ which isn’t a myth)
  • the quality of the filter (the other half of the Moog sound)
  • the build quality

With that said, I just mesh with the sound reall well so I’m biased (whereas I hate the sound of Dave smith stuff). Others may not like it nearly as much as I do.


I don’t think I would use it, I would just have it on my table and stare at it, looks so happy.



I hope they’re making this just to get rid of all the old Minitaur parts. Then they’ll get started on the NEW Minitaur! You know the one that’s editor free and has everything I want on the front panel… yeh that one.

But SIRIN does look like a baby SOURCE, so yeh, yay.



Sirin (şirin) means cute in Turkish :smiley:


After finally watching the vid I posted, I will pass on this one. Do not want to deal with editors/vst’s to get to all the functions.


I hate that about any synth.


You can get so much more for so much less these days.


I don’t think there are many functions that don’t have panel shortcuts tbh? Not on the Minitaur anyway.


Editors shmeditors.


Correct: as on the Minitaur, almost everything except the CV assignments and patch naming can be done without an editor using the Glide button as a shift key. There might be one or two things you can’t do this way but I forget them - probably because I either don’t use them or I have starting presets that already set them up and I don’t bother with using the editor to change those aspects when programming.

Honestly, the editor is a very-nice-to-have, but it’s by no means necessary. This little synth is a real beauty of a beast.


Patch saving…

I Like the Looks of it. If it would have a few more knobs, a one knob per function UI, i would buy it. Or a shrinked Grandmother with Same Features but half the size and weight and nö Keyboard…


Same engine?


No loading?