Moog Sirin


Definitely a collector’s item for Moog headz


How cool is this!


although I do wonder if they are not really mentioning that in order to get it to play nice in the higher register it no longer preserves the bass so well when you crank up the resonance?

Not saying that IS the case, but they also don’t mention that it’s got the same bass focused filter fiddling so…

it looks LOVELY.


It’s a looker if nothing else :slight_smile:
Looks interesting to me


it’s quite the looker. love my minitaur and would definitely spend some time trying one of these out if they make it to canada after the online exclusivity.


It’s a nice model!
Not raving about it, just popped up in my feed.
Personally, still want the subharmonicon though, waiting in vain, cash saved and tucked away for that day :blush:


Exact same layout and build.


It would look good next to my gold mini moog


I actually liked the demo quite a bit (even if the lead was a bit…“off grid” haha) and I think it sounds pretty good! Analog goodness in a compact desktop module w/ the classic Moog ladder. I would say that anyone put off by the USB is looking at it in a glass half empty kind of way…I would imagine it does a lot without being hooked up to USB, and then once you do hook it up - it does even more! Haha.


Stole that one from Gearslutz:


Well those just made me realize how much of one to one copy it is.


Totally. It’s like they finally got their attempt at introducing more color in their machines right.


Interesting, love my Minitaur! Wonder how they would sound poly chained. Could make for some beautifully rich textures :drooling_face:


I want to see someone preorder 8 of these and chain them.


lol for a $1000 more you could just snag yourself a Moog one :rofl:


now that would be funny


Between this and the grandmother, Moog really is nailing visual designs these days.


Interesting! Were you a fan of the Grandmother visual design?


I just love that they brought back the color scheme of the Source


can buy one right now