Moog Mother 32


It turns out that I have it working fine - notes on DT trigger the M32 perfectly, have ‘Assign’ set to a MIDI out as well.

Looking at my DT’s MIDI setup, I have ‘Clock send’ disabled. Couldn’t find another way to do it.


I think you are right and I recall things incorrectly. I convinced myself I made it work but now that I remember, I did end up disabling clock send on my Digitakt.

Page 49 of the manual, there is a way to customize the tempo input mode, but it’s really just for the tempo input.

Reading people seem to disable the MIDI sync send on their devices (MPC, Octa, Digi).

Sorry @xidnpnlss I think I gave you false hopes. You might not be able to send MIDI sync to the AR and at the same time disable the Mother-32 sequencer…

Maybe with a device that filters the clock msg from the MIDI?


Damn annoying this.
Yea, the M32 wasn’t made with MIDI at the forefront, but come on! The MIDI implementation of the Minitaur is miles better and it still receives rudimentary CV.
I love the sound of the M32 and recently decided against selling it, but this issue really is a thorn in the side of anyone who thinks in a more holistic fashion, rather than being someone with deep pockets and an all-consuming desire for jack plugs (modular purist - in case you missed it :wink: ).


I felt bad for giving shitty advice so I ended up searching all ways to disable the Mother32 sequencer. The cheapest way seems to have a pattern with only one step but the step is a rest. I have to try it.

You can also use a device to filter the MIDI Clock events.

Both methods are explained in that vid:



so frustrating.

No problem @Normalogic. Id resigned myself to it awhile ago. Can’t get any worse.


Trying hard to decide between the se02 and the mother. Can’t find a single se02 video where I like the sound as much… I guess I’m just a fan of single Vco sounds. That might be also the reason why I like the Sh101 sound so much. Strange :slight_smile:


My M32 is in the never, ever sell pile. It sounds just beautiful.


Omg I was pretty set on selling yall stooooop


On paper the se02 has much more to offer soundwise.
But I usually decide in favor of specs. Maybe it’s time to decide in favor of the sound I like


Can you not try them both out somewhere?


Maybe in munich if I find them both. That’s the next big city.
Or i order both and compare…

Also a decision between keeping some patching fun alive vs. storing presets for live use…
Let’s see

I prefer the mother demos even to sub37


Same. Ifirc the 37 is the same osc as the voyager? Whereas the m32 is different.

I personally don’t find getting to a patch too difficult on the 32. Plus i like the idea of watching mtself on stage scramble to find it.


Yeah I guess it won’t be a problem. The tiny boutique knobs could be more of a concern live


(Grandmother ! Just saying…)


Would love to
But… too big :slight_smile: Space is very limited here (also too big to use it live. I need backpack sizes)

Edit: Oh man. Watching Grandmother videos now. Just saying :sweat_smile:


I looked at the Granny but i dont really need the keys as one octave pads on the 32 which you can change is enough if your creating ambient music


Yeah, but there are some more differences between those two besides the keyboard :wink:


To be honest. Can’t wait to have the complete Moog M trinity - M32+DFAM+GRANDM - then hopefully next year the subharmonicon release!

I don’t care about M32 sync too much, I just sample when I have good thing going and then tweak some more . ( I don’t perform… so ymmv)

I will never sell these if I don’t have to.
GRANNY comes for X-mas!


OT: Do we know which osc the one uses? I assume Mother’s…


I’m rocking 2 x M-32 / 1 x DFAM & just acquired a Grandmother too. It’s a lovely world of Moogy goodness. The GM & M-32 really are quite different too, sonically… really compliment each other.