Moog Mother 32 .


So the Werkstatt has grown up?

Let’s wait and listen to it’s sound … and how much it will cost. Moog seems to follow the trend of small boxes.

Just got the message that Moog is saying good bye to the Voyager. What will be the next step?

look here:

i´m rellay surprised. didn´t expect something like that from moog.
highpass ladder filter, MIDI to CV … very interesting

Makes me one to get a couple of them.
Would look really sick sitting behind and OT and AR combo.

And at the price? I’m getting 2.

…the clue is in the name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seems 3 of these would be much more powerful than a Voyager Rack. What you would lose in patch memory you’d gain in modulation capability and sequencing.

One of the modular patchbay output points is assignable to all kinds of fun stuff too.

Brilliant, really, for $599 USD street.

Aaaand I just bought a Bass Station 2 this morning. :thinking:

Aaaaaand Roland’s Boutique line forgotten, just like that.

Definitely looks tempting, how do Minitaur owners feel about this?

High res:

I think they’ve done a good job of not canibalizing the Minitaur, which is a dual OSC synth with a very distinct big bass sound, and patch memory. If anything, Minitaur + Mother-32 would make a great combo, running CV out of Mother-32 into Minitaur.

The thing that excites me the most is the "ASSIGN"able output on the lower right side of the modular patchbay. This can be dedicated to all kinds of stuff, sequencer data, clock, interpretation of Midi CC#'s coming through the midi input jack.
Well done, Moog.

Minitaur also has limited note range so this will be great complement piece for it.
Was thinking about getting a TB303 clone but I’m glad I waited. This will be sweet with my Slim Phatty.

I was sad yesterday watching the voyager passing. Then this came along and I pre ordered within minutes…really hope it is as exciting as it is on paper. Love the design and the multi rack mount. Always wanted to get into modular and nothing looked like a good start or really that appealing. Moog appears to have found the perfect void to fill!

Flipping through all those first impressions I think to have two or three of the Mother-32 will be the best approach.

Since one module provides one LFO and one EG only, combining two of them will have the typical architecture of a standard two VCO mono synth, extended with the extra filter. For me a synth voice should have at least two EGs, one for the filter and one for the amp.

Combining three of them could be awesome … but first of all, I will wait until we have more audio examples to listen to.

BTW: is the EG this simple? Attack/Sustain/Decay? Compared to the Sub37 this seems a drawback. Is there a sync option for two VCOs?

Given that the price of a few of these approaches that of the Sub37, and then compares to the Sub’s dual oscillators, double LFOs, multidrive, sequencer, patch memory and whatnot, I’d say that you have to be into the modular part to fully enjoy this.

So here’s me stating the obvious again. But I’m only saying this because it seems a lot of people who wouldn’t go modular seem to consider this, and not just one but two or three, and then it’s worth to think about what you get here, that the Sub37 can’t give.

Obviously, a lot. But perhaps not a lot that you need.

Me, I like the idea of having a desktop Moog with a complete environment - sequencer, sound design and modulation. I don’t much care about the patch parts, I just view this as a Moog alternative to other mono desktop options. Using a Minitaur from time to time, I’ve always felt that would be the perfect bass synth if it had a sequencer. Now, I’m thinking, these two would be good friends.

Nice evolution > instead of that new Roland - shit !!!
Let analog BE ANALOG
I have nothing against digital synth’s or hybrids but all that simulated analog stuff doesn’t interest me at all.

That scary patch section is your friend. Just pretend it’s a software control. In the same way I’m dismayed that the A4 cannot do basic things like analog FM (because it was designed that way :sob:), if you want to play in the analog realm, those juicy control voltages need to be sent somewhere. Unless it’s hard wired, cables provide a flexible solution.[/quote]
I suppose if one can avoid the temptation of additional modules, it’s just a more flexible way of sound design.
I had a Microbrute for awhile, and while that patch bay was very small, it was surprisingly powerful. And I never felt I needed to add anything to it, it was just another tool for sound design.
If one approaches the MotherMoog in the same way, then perhaps it’s just more of the awesome.