Moog Mother 32


I’m GASing for the grandma now. Damn. Let’s see :slight_smile:


One day, it’s gonna be mine, oh yes, it’s gonna be mine.


Almost wanted to sell my OT for it, … a silly brain fart


I sell my eurorack. So easily enough money for a granny haha


Do it! :sweat_smile:

I have to wait, finishing our new home is a financial drain at the moment, but … good times! Little 1st world issues we have :wink:


Moog M32 + Meris Mercury 7 = :night_with_stars:


The video that sold me the Mother-32 was:

(it actually also sold me the two pedals).


Does anyone know if the sequencers operate differently between the Granny and the Mother? Ie. On the Granny you can store 3 sequences but can only play them back one at a time(i think its a shame you cant). But can the sequencer on the Mother playback multiple sequences.


hi everoby,

i have a question about three moog mother 32 build in a rack.
If you have 3 moogmother, you have 3 analog mono outputs or just one outputs, a kind of main outputs in the last moog mother?

I have my analog rhythm and an octatrack and i would to know if it’s possible to connect 3 mother moog and my rythm.

Thanks in advance.


use a mixer


You could chain them and only have the one output, that would be interesting, but limit your EQ possibilities.
But yea, have each one going to a separate mixer track.

But to be honest, why stop at three?


to be honest, my wife is really scared about 3 new mothers at home !


For a pocket sizer, colo(u)red:


totally depends on how you plan on using them : I have a pair of M-32s but I generally have them configured as a ‘traditional’ 2 Osc mono synth… so the VCA output from one is patched into the EXT source input of the other. Naturally the overall sound is therefore shaped by the final VCF settings of the ‘master’ Mother, but you get very interesting results as you’ve got two filters in series…also whilst
often I have both Mothers playing the same sequence / part ( just like a standard 2 osc mono ) I can of course have two different sequences playing…

I think if I had 3 mothers I’d probably have two configured as above & maybe the 3rd a separate synth & use a mixer as suggested. I have a DFAM, rather than a 3rd Mother, & this is how I do it mainly - Mothers as - effectively - a 2 Osc monosynth & DFAM as a separate entity… though of course all the patching between the 3 yields to all sorts of possibilities… : )


thank you.

what do you think about effects?
external effects like strymon time line or big sky and then send the audio in my daw, it’s more analogic but more expensive and is it really usefull??
For the second solution, effect come only from my daw, it’s really less expensive and not the same depth.


well FX is really up to you - the Moogs really do shine & come to life with some quality fx. I use both really : as I take my Mothers out on the road to play I do have a few pedals on the end of the Mothers chain ; usually a Minifoooger Chorus > Strymon TimeLine > reverb ( SPACE or Lexicon ) … but I also love some of the plug-ins I have : e.g Valhalla Vintage reverb is amazing, Soundtoys Echoboy & Little Plate are both awesome on anything really.


I also use exatly these three. Don’t worry about depth, these plugins sound amazing