Moog Mother 32


Out of curiosity, why is this?
Sometimes, I think I’ll never be the Octatrack ninja I’d like to be, and I should just acknowledge my roots -classically trained musician with some sound design chops - and go for an instrument that’s closer to what I’m good at. To play, compose and design sounds around that.
And for that, the A4’s a strong candidate.
But I see people from time to time declare their love for this instrument, then abandon it after awhile.
Why is this? How can a four voice multitimbral great sounding analogue synth with a built-in sequencer ever grow tiresome?


moog mother 32 vid

[http://moog mother 32 vid](http://moog mother 32 vid)

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that shit is awesome. so now i have to get a sub37 AND the MM32


3 tier rack looks great!
Great demo too. Nice work Moog!


Im thinking of entering the dark world of Modular. I know its a money pit but i do like the endless possibilities and randomness. Do you think this semi modular device is a good entry point? Im thinking of adding A deep space reverb or shimmer effect as it brings the Moog sound to life ive read. Any thoughts?



Also yes


Short and sweet but music to my ears!


Mother 32 is a good entry point and you can’t go wrong with Space. Once you decide to go truly modular just know it takes a lot of trying and testing and buying and selling. You need a clear idea of what you want to do with it too (ambient, techno ?, experiment with sounds to later arrange in DAW or a full fledged groove box/live machine ? etc…)

I any case M32/DFAM/0Coast are all great instruments and perfect to dip your toe in Euro :slight_smile:


I am thinking of giving up my M32.

Simply put its a hell of a lot of synth for the price. It sounds stunning and the patch bay offers endless exploration.

Reasons why Im considering giving it up:

1.) Im bored by the Moog sound. But if this is not a problem for you then go for it. The range of timbres it offers is a bit disappointing in comparison with other offerings (wavefolding, dual osc, ect.)

2.) You can’t detach the sequencer. Which means that the sequencer starts anytime it receives clock. As I do all my sequencing from the OT, this is a massive pita. Its sequencer is super powerful for the package though. If you plan to only use its sequencer, you’re golden. You can get a lot of Euro like random modulation with a combo of the sequencer and patchbay.

But i hesitate. I expect I would miss it dearly. Its absolutely angelic/demonic when it sings.

The great thing about Moog too is that it can weather any amount / kind of FX you throw at it. Most other things can fall under the weight.


Hm, have you tried plugging a patch cable into the RUN/STOP patch point (not connected to anything at the other end)? Does that get overridden by the midi clock?


I’m thinking of getting one, too. For about the 100 time…
Love the sound. And as videos have shown, you can get really creative with the patchbay and sequencer


Have not. Will try and report.

Best Ive been able to do is disable the first step. In which case itll just do diddly squat until you press stop. It’s super anticlimactic. You get your sequence down, make your patch and you go to fire that bad boy up and AAARRRRRRGGGHHHH.


I usually just disable midi sync. With midi sync disabled, the sequencer doesn’t run (and midi sync only syncs the sequencer anyway so…)

Edit: I was wrong about that.


You mean disable on the OT? I need it for my AR :frowning:


Nope on the Mother-32, it’s in the setup mode.

Edit: I was wrong about that.


Wuuuhhhhh. Hot damn, must have misunderstood that. Will try. Thanks!


But doesn’t that mean it won’t receive clock?


Forgive my idiocy but I can’t find anything about MIDI synch in the manual. Is it related to tempo input setup?


It precisely means that and at first it disappointed me too, but when you think about it, it really only does receive clock to run the sequencer. Nothing else is clock synced on the Mother-32 (that I know of).

So the Octa or Digi plays the notes when it wants to, at its own clock speed, and all is fine.

Edit: I was wrong about that.