Moog Matriarch


I’m digging Lisa Bella Donna’s recently posted Moog tracks. Apparently she’s been so productive with her prototype unit that she’s recorded a couple albums’ worth of tracks. The music seems to range from ambient and experimental stuff to somewhat proggy virtuoso stuff. Skip if you just wanna listen to dance jams.


Ha - I listened to this particular video this morning. I couldn’t come up with the words myself, but this description is right on!


Here’s a full track. Apologies for the comparisons as I know artists dislike being compared, but it sounds like Steve Roach/Robert Rich meets Boards of Canada with a touch of Tangerine Dream.


The more i listen to the demos the more i hear progressive rock like Rick Wakeman (yes) and Keith Emerson (elp).

It just has that same vibe about it.


Another Lisa Bella Donna track. More keyboard shred content, balanced by some cool field recording stuff.


Yes and ELP could exactly be the reason why I would buy exactly this machine … sounds of my youth … :yum:


Just had an update from Moog… Its arriving in UK in the last quarter of the year. Im going to have to find something else to buy in the meantime(or actually write some music). Patience is a virtue they say.:angel:


At least a great idea for a X-Mas present. Do you hear me Santa Claus? :pleading_face:


I think I got my GM in around August, so I guess if the timescales are similar with announcement/launch it might be a little earlier.


I initially chuckled at this question in the comment section:

“Is there going to be a librarian / Editor so we can store our patches?”

Then it occurred to me that a Matriarch app for IOS would be a good idea, for exploring patching ideas while one is on travel or something away from the keyboard. No it won’t save patches directly from the “all-analog” Matriarch, nor load them, but it’ll be useful as a sound prototyping tool. I use the iMS-20 app for this purpose, with my MS-20 Mini.


Good idea. Patches are where its at. Id imagine there will be thousands with so many variables to use. The skys the limit with this thing.


it’s funny that so many want Korg or Behringer to remake the Arp 2600, and now the Matriarch really is starting to get in the same neighborhood, although obviously still doing its own thing… sure, there’s a lot missing: ring modulator, control over the S/H circuit, attenuators for the osc modulation, pre-amp circuit, voltage processors, spring reverb, etc. but you do have some of these things in a limited form. and you have extras the 2600 doesn’t have: a fourth oscillator, a dedicated LFO, another (simple) LFO, stereo analog delay, full ADSR on both envelopes, a sequencer, an arpeggiator, and duophonic/paraphonic modes (to be fair, some 2600 keyboards had a duophonic mode). the Matriarch actually has more patch points than the 2600.

maybe it’s not a 100% valid comparison… but my point is that the 2600 is an absolutely iconic synthesizer, and look at what the Matriarch is offering.


It sounds sooooo nice!


That’s a kind of great overview … scratching the most important points, as he says and promising more … this one already sold it to me :thumbsup:


I told myself, that I don’t need no more mono Synths, but this one, argh, okay, now that’s the last one. And for Christmas… C’mon. :grin:


TBH … last one for this year :wink:


New videos keeps pop up. This video gives an overview of the synth but the sound examples are really bad unfortunately.


Yesterday I found a video by Cuckoo, which I found very interesting. I think we have it not in the thread yet.

He explores more on the experimental side of sounds and seems to have used a lot of patch-cables. It’s not very musical, but there are some sounds where I thought, yes, that’s what the Matriarch can do as a semi-modular. My interest to get my hands on one of those growes by the hour (or video…) :wink:


Good stuff.


Out of interest. Does cuckoo ever buy his own equipment nowadays? He seems to get his hands on all the latest and greatest before anyone else. Im not sure he is passionate about the equipment or not. Just experimenting.(and yes i am jealous😠).