Moog Matriarch


Store demos are just that. People who do demos don’t work on their own music full time and tend to just do what they think customers want to hear. If they don’t know the people want to hear piercing high end, they’re not going to feature that sound.

Before I bought my Nord Modular G2, for example, there were no demos that came close to the patches that were released by some exceptional patch designers in the user community.


I doubt it, the instrument in on the GM is mono and I would have thought this input is mono too (could be wrong though!). You possibly could get two 1/4 inch to mini jack connectors and just patch directly to the patch points on the filters on the matriarch (not sure the line level signal would be hot enough though)


Why does this presentation remind me on the Timbre Wolf and “Dan” … ? :thinking:

If I didn’t know, how Moog synths sound typically, I would assume that I listened to broken circuits. Those two guys seem to have had no idea, what they had in front of them :frowning:

Poor, very poor :-1:


Okay, that’s too bad if it’s mono, but your solution is worth a try. I can also see that the delay has stereo inputs so I can at least get a stereo signal into the delay.


"this pitch bend sounds GREAT. Let’s do it again.

and again.

and again."


Or … they just don’t understand the potential of such a synth or the interested buyers at all.

A semi-modular synth offers many great sounds, which are not possible with standard hard-wired instruments. I guess that the Matriarch allows FM-modulation of the cutoff frequency at audio rates. From my Voyager I know, those sounds can be georgeous. And there will be other tricks under the hood, where the Matriarch shines.

Maybe I am a little too nerdy, because I would expect demonstrators to show up not only with some bad made basics, but where such a machine is special.


Some good points.

Generally though, one should not rely on store demos to decide whether or not to invest in a synth. Personal hands-on trial is best - nothing will beat twisting the knobs and stuff and seeing if it’s really dull all the time or if it will let you bring out whatever frequencies you think are missing.

I do understand some people live in remote locations. But if I had the money and interest in an particularly expensive synth like Moog One, I would take the time to travel to a location to where I could try it. I have a buddy who would drive a couple of hours to another city to try out some high end bass amp that interested him. Years, or maybe just months later after he tired of that amp or heard of the next latest greatest bass amp, he’d do the road trip again.


Absolutely … but there are some You-Tubers online, which do a great job, to demonstrate instruments, particularly, if we can’t play them ourself.

Mark Doty sold me a Two Voice Pro, as an example. This machine was just not available at most retailers.

Nick Batt is one of the best sources of synth knowledge, I have found so far. If Nick in his very British way is reluctant to praise an instrument, we can be sure that it has some issues, but if he likes it, it’s worth to put it on the shopping list.

And there are a couple of others too … :wink:


ah, agreed on the Two Voice! it was that vid and the darkenergymedia one that sold me mine :grin:


Sure, I respect those guys too, and look forward to at least one of them getting his hands on a Matriarch.

I don’t have a problem ordering cheaper synths without much of an in-person trial. For a costlier - not the most expensive to be sure, but still no a trivial investment - synth like the Matriarch, I refuse to buy without in-person trial. As you can guess, I almost never pre-order a synth - I’d rather wait until I can try it in person and I hear reports from other users.

I would use videos from guys like Nick (and any cool gals that put out vids too) to get ideas on what to specifically try out on the synth.


unfortunately, they don’t have Jexus doing the demos for them.

I agree that this would be best. obviously not everyone can do that though. and I will say that my most beloved synths - the ones that I can just sit down at and play for hours, just to hear them - are ones that also sounded incredible to me in youtube videos.


Another reason I don’t want to preorder this one is the history of the Moog Grandmother. Apparently the earlier batches had problems with the power supply (plug barely fit or didn’t fit at all, audio bleed) and spring reverb (loose springs, other loose parts, etc).


Interesting. I have a Grandmother from the first batch and have never had an issue.


yeah I had to send my GM back to Moog for a new chassis base. one of the self-tapping screws used to secure the reverb tank to it came loose, and there was no way to repair it other than a new chassis base. they were great with the repair though. free shipping (obviously) and only took about a week or so, door-to-door.

not sure if they didn’t secure the reverb tank well enough in early models or if there’s just some unlucky ones that got banged around an extra amount during transit. Buchla Music Easels have had the same issue.

anyway, a stereo delay should be more stable. :blush:



Self-tapping screws will strip out if over tightened – a wrinkle in the early production everywhere, until you get the torque set right.


I didn’t mean to say all Grandmother units from the first batch were bad.

After it was announced, I followed the discussion thread on MW for a while after peeps started getting them. There was a separate thread on the power supply issues started by one member who has a flair for the melodramatic.

I’ve no doubt Moog learned enough lessons from the Grandmother production rollout and subsequent manufacturing runs that the Matriarch rollout will go a bit more smoothly.


Right on, I had just not heard of any issues before today. Good to know.


The guy that was building the moog voyagers is now the head of this project. I would say it’s going to be a well built machine.


Some nice sounds in the perfect circuit video - the patch around the 3:30 mark is lovely. Obviously reverts to type for PC soon thereafter, but a better demo than their usual.

Seems I’m fussy!