Moog Matriarch


They nailed that vintage warm sound. It is is very pleasant to the ears. My little phatty sounds ultra modern now :wink:

oh, jaysus

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What if a grandmother is also a matriarch? :aw:


hahha, that would be cool name for a synth.

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Seems like stereo analogue synths/filters is the thing in 2019.

I like how it sounds. :thup:

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Okay but at a price of 4 mothers or 2 mothers + 2 dfams?? Hm a bit expensive. Official moogfest pre orders going for 1.999 usd :woozy_face:

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Tbh, it’s an okay price I think! What do you expect? A polyphonic handcrafted synth with excellent keys and first class control elements for nothing? I think the price is fair, and if I had space at home I would get one.


Sounds great but the weird “lifestyle” promo was super tacky and just weird :rofl:


those awkward smiles at the start of the video… creepy!


agree considering there isnt another 4 voice semi modular in the market (I think). 2 extra oscillators is enough to raise the price considerably.

This looks and sounds AWESOME! Well done Moog. No way i could justify the purchase, but if I had the money! I really like their new videos as well. Not as informative as some others but they have a nice, warm feeling about them! I have recently been playing with the paraphonic mode on my Sub37, and having just one filter isn’t all that bad actually!! I want a new analog poly, but for that money I’d be better off with a Prophet 6 though. Regardless, awesome synth from moog.


Wow. Instant GAS. This thing sounds lovely…

I’m sure I’ll calm down in time and realise it’s a luxury I don’t need but my head is spinning thinking about the possibilities with this one.

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I missed a decent description of technical details. I have three Moogs already in the studio and their sound’s great. But I will not pay 2000 bucks for an equipment, which is promoted by marketing speech only.

I want to understand, what cat is inside the bag :wink:

Moog Schrödinger to be released at some point (or not).


Hopefully alive … the :cat:


This sounds amazing. Kinda looking at my beloved Grandmother now – I’d need to get rid of her to have the space for a Matriarch…

looks & sounds great - but I am a Moog junkie. Luckily I don’t have the space for one, & it looks too big to lug around to my gigs, so I think I can de-GAS. I’ve got plenty of flexibility & oopmh with my 2 x M-32 / DFAM 3 -tier set-up + Grandmother anyway… But of course in an ideal world I’d have the space to have a Matriarch sat with them too. :slight_smile:

Now - if Moog release something smaller, without a keyboard that’s para / polyphonic like this I’m screwed… £££ :smile:

Are osc and filter of dfam/mother32 the same as on grandma / matriarch??

Wierd name of the link…

Moog has all the technical info on their website.