Moog Matriarch

Seems like a lot of companies are willing to sponsor the “major YouTubers” because they increase the sales through publicity of the devices. I’m sure when they first started before becoming popular they put a lot of stuff on credit. I’d bet they still purchase some things on credit, while being provided free rental units for reviews and videos. After this long, Cuckoo probably owns most of the main gear out, namely the ones you see repeated in videos over a longer period of time.

I’ve heard better music from most Elektronauts ironically, as opposed to the core synth YouTubers. I like Cuckoo though. That video looks like it’s on some Moog property/at Moogfest though due to the amount of plants.

The YouTube synth community is a strange one. There’s a video of Noir Et Blanc mentioning it’s likely not worth it.

@cuckoomusic’s tutorials have been one of my main reasons for buying things like Digitakt, OP-Z or ZOIA. I’d literally watched those videos two or three times while waiting for my units to arrive and as soon as they were out of the box, I was using them without barely looking at the manual. I don’t love the music but, if I was in charge of marketing in a synth company, he’d be first in line for any new thing I’d ever release.

And yeah, absolutely jealous of him haha!

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Can someone at Superbooth check out if any of these Grandmother MIDI problems are in the Matriarch?

MIDI stuck notes:

MIDI clock:

MIDI Local:

The Matriarch does this. Check out 7:00 minutes into this video:

Right before that is a demonstration of a related trick – if you use the polyphonic sequencer and set each oscillator to a different octave it will step through different chord inversions (sounds great, too).

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If only it were in tune, that video could’ve been bearable! :see_no_evil:

Yes, this was confirmed a while back

But the more burning questions concern the MIDI implementation - see above post about Grandmother MIDI problems. Is Matriarch going to have the same problems or will Moog be able to prevent them before release?

Are these Grandmother midi issues resolved by Moog or is it still a problem? Has every Grandmother unit been affected by this or just a few?

Check the Moog Music forum - 3 links were posted above. That’s where the most active discussion has been.

I don’t have a Grandmother nor do I follow the MM forums closely. Heard about the MIDI problems elsewhere.

FWIW, I’ve had a GM for ages and not come across these MIDI issues. However, I’ve not used it with local off, so I’m not sure about that one and I have heard others complaining about it. I’m sure Moog will fix it with a firmware update.

Okay Nice!

Yeah, I did read through those threads and it was only old posts from 2018 without anyone saying that their issues were fixed. Hopefully the issues are fixed.

I have a question about the Oscillator inputs in the mixer section. Is the idea that you can cancel the signal from the internal oscillator and connect it to an external oscillator module? And treat the sound from that oscillator module with matriarch built in modules?

Does anybody have an Idea of when the Matriarch will ship? ZZounds was telling me 5/28 but that ended up not being true, now their telling me that they are waiting to hear back from Moog. On Guitar Center’s site it says October and since they have a special Moog fest edition I have a feeling they would be first to market with the synth. Any thoughts or speculation on the matter will surely ease my restless gas ; )

Yes, that’s what you can do on the Grandmother. You can also, for example, use the LFO as another oscillator and replace the noise from the mixer.

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someone over at MuffWiggler said he ordered one from Guitar Center immediately and was recently told he’d get it in October. I also remember reading that Moog made 250 of them for Moogfest, and sold them all.

but if you truly want one, your best route is to pre-order one somewhere, then bug your salesman to call Moog for an ETA.

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Okay, that’s neat!

Yeah, that’s really nice. I saw loopop do that with the Grandmother. Imagine the sound with 5 moog oscillators in a bass patch for example. That will be just lovely :grinning:

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Lisa Bella Donna was asked to play a Matriarch at Brooklyn Synth Expo but was not provided with any patch cables. This is the result - just Matriarch and EQD Avalanche Run pedal - no patching

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Had the pleasure of seeing this performance live! Completely killed it w no patching… she’s also using an EQD Pyramids

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yeah, she’s an EQD brand ambassador so always rocking their stuff. saw her at Earthquaker Day last year with a Grandmother, Mother32/DFAM and a huge board full of EQD pedals. fun!


yeah i’ve been following her for a year or so. she was at the EQD table at one point but I was too anxious to say hey lol i fanboy too much

She reminds me of Walter/Wendy Carlos in so many ways. Good to see the passion.