Moog Matriarch

Since I’ve been selling all of my gear replacing it with dream synths I haven’t had time to come back around here.

I just wanted to say that a week into the Matriarch and I have no regrets! It’s a forever synth :heart:. I haven’t even had much time to play it. I use it for break times, but I’ve already had some moments :slight_smile:

With just a tiny bit of patching (feedback mostly) this is exactly everything I love as a lead synth. I already know it’ll have more uses than that but wow!


Can’t wait to record some tracks with it!


Bro I need to take a cold shower after seeing your modular setup. Enjoy the Moog. It’s fun to record and print to DAW. Many Moogs feel like that.

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I guess you missed my endlessly rotating 12u case then?

/end off topic


It starts with the real basics but it looks like a really well done video nonetheless. I for one still have a lot to dive into even when it comes to the basic features of the Matriarch. Will watch this closely for sure when time allows it.


Some useful tips here, thanks.
Still pissed off by the bug that does not allow very short notes in paraphonic mode, though. (Not covered in this video, just a usual rumble…)


This is great… :+1:
I’ve been meaning to watch something that makes me want to get patching… I always find I can get totally lost in my Matriarch, inspired and happy, without using a single cable, so I tend to stay there.


Does anyone have a Matriarch and a Grandmother?
Are they too close to each other to really justify having both?
Spring reverb apart- should the Matriarch be able to pretty much do anything that the Grandmother does?

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I would say your right, the matriarch should be able to do everything the grandmother does, and more (except reverb)

I used to own a Grandmother, and now own a Matriarch. I would say yes the spring reverb is the only part of the GM you can’t really recreate in the Matriarch. there are some use cases for having both: gigging with the GM, wanting to have both “live” at once in a track, wanting the simplicity of the GM, or wanting to patch them together. but if you’re just after patching into the spring reverb, there are cheaper/more compact ways to get it.

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I’m really torn between the Matriarch and the Moog sound studio bundle (DFAM, SUBH, M32) as my xmas gift. I know those are really different and my long term goal is to own them all but I can only afford one to start with. Which one would be better to start with and go deep dive in ? I like the more immediacy and the sound of the Matriach but I’m not a good keyboard player and I’m willing to learn. I like the concept of a whole system with the sound studio (having one synth for each purpose, drums, lead and « chords ») and they do sound good to me as well. What do you think ?

If I’m honest I’d say Matriarch all the way. Once you get used to that you can see if you even need/want the M32 or SubH. But a DFAM and a Matriarch would cover a lot of ground for me, more than the Studio bundle would. But I also like to play the keys more than sequence things (not that I’m very good at it!)


Nice, an actual new tutorial!

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I’ve had the M32 and DFAM and compared to the Matriarch they sounded boring to me in no time and had some real stupid limitations too. I would highly recommend getting the Matriarch instead.


I got bad news for you - or at least, your finances.

There are artists like Lisa Bella Donna who use both. Her comparison video (multiple Moogs not just 2):

One of her performance videos with both:



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Do not edit my post like that please.

I try to avoid making statements that might have even the slightest perception as an attack on an artist.

If you want to attack an artist do it under your own handle please


chill dude. I repaired it seconds after your first objection to it. and I’m not attacking or disrespecting her at all. fact is it’s a different answer entirely to the question of “should I own both these synths?” when the price is very different. so citing an artist that gets paid to use both isn’t exactly helping the person asking the question. same as “should I own $200k in synthesizers?” should yield a totally different answer if it’s me or if it’s Trent Reznor asking the question.

I don’t have a high tolerance for made up “GovernorSilver said X about Y” so just don’t do it.


Doesn’t she get paid to use and promote Moog stuff though?

I don’t care.

Do not quote my posts and edit them to make them look like I said something that I did not. bottom line.

I didn’t edit your post