Moog Grandmother


What does an Linear FM Input oscillator do if you give it a sub audio frequency or regular LFO sort of signal?

My dumb question – and i got plenty of 'em. Is it just a vibrato?


The advantage of linear fm over exponential fm is that the fundamental frequency of the carrier oscillator is maintained, even with high fm amounts applied by the modulating oscillator
Inputing a lfo or sub to the linear fm input would rather than sound like pitch modulation or vibrato, would I think rather produce a deeper ‘cycling buzzing metallic’ overtone to the carrier oscillator, but still maintaining the fundamental pitch :thinking:


Filter, Envelope, VCA, and Spring Reverb based on 900 series modules.
Oscillators based on Minimoog instead of 900 series - not a big shocker, 'coz you know, marketing.
Mixer based on CP3.

This thing could replace my Ekdahl moisturizer, in addition to two analog monosynths - keeping the Monologue though. Being able to run violin/guitar through the spring reverb and filter is compelling.


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That or a synth called Mother Russia would be cool




The Moog Melonfarmer, Repo Man tribute edition.


I think granny looks like a fun ride.

I’d like them to make the MOAB: Mother of all bass. The design in my head is quite nice.


Grandma is THICC AF


Gracefully put

On another note, your comment made me wonder if this means that moog is working on the granddaddy of all synthesizers. with the mother, the brother, the grandmother, Is a sister due too? People might think the names are stupid but they can ride the “family” theme quite a long way


Can’t wait for the Moog Nephew


This is probably my dream synth - retro design and all.

Any idea when it’ll make its way to the UK? If it’s sub £850 (fingers crossed) then I’m all in.


That’s what the “Mooger Foogers” their fx pedal line is gettin at… :smile:


Imagining a M32 size effects unit: MotherFooger that incorporates the filter, delay, phaser, flanger, chorus, ring mod of the pedal line. Would be a hell of an effects unit


I want them to release the Moog Big Daddy!



In stereo


Got mine earlier today. Who has questions?

Side note: the jacket coupon is in the box as is a slinky. It appears that they are sourcing non-specific vintage jackets and embroidering to order. It’s very clear that the jackets are of no specific vintage, brand, color, or style.

It also sounds wonderful.


You got a pic of the coupon. PM me for the coupon price.

Sorry I GAS for gear and also denim. Moog has broken into my head.


More soundcloud or YT demos would be appreciated.