Moog Grandmother




999 for a Moog Denim jacket. I’m in.


I don’t know about this one. It’s cute, and would make a nice compact controller. I like the spring reverb, but I wish it had something more exciting like an analog formant filter or something. The sequencer memory is even less than the MicroBrute’s.


Oh damn this looks super cute.


It’s a Moogfest sort of thing – if it has legs after that then that’s gravy for Moog. That’s a cool approach to things, 'cuz it allows Moog to do unusual things like the Subharmonicon which may or may not have any long-term product intent.

Alert: if this never becomes anything more than a 500 unit run, and you have one, you might have one of those synths that goes up in value not down.


This looks gimmicky. I don’t find it very interesting.


Eh. Subharmonicon would have been a more interesting release. They moved away from the single patch bay on this one? I wonder why. This doesnt follow the mother or dfam.


I know they’re totally different devices, but when I realize that I can get a Dreadbox/Polyend Medusa for the same price, I just don’t have much interest in this at all. Actually, I find the MiniBrute 2S far more interesting/appealing; especially for the price.


it looks like something Mr Rogers would jam on


I’m sure this is totally OCD, but there’s something really distressing about the colors being asymmetrical (black panel on the top right).


Aaaargh! Make it stop!



Makes me laugh – Moog cloning the Realistic Concertmate MG-1 ?? Which was Moog’s in the first place!

There’s no accounting for taste, maybe this is a hit!


Maybe they are trolling Behringer.


Moog are on the longest streak of terrible synth names, like, ever.


A long string of Mother-Something. What about the Mother- ?


I’d like to know what they’d put in the Moog Mother F@#%er, lmao! I think I’d buy that one just for namesake.


There is the Mooger fooger.

Is the grandmother another overpriced, underpowered, but it’s awesome cause moog offering?



What an exciting name for a new synth :roll_eyes: