Moog Grandmother


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This looks really good! There are patch points all along the way, and it’s also well laid-out without a patch.

I don’t care if it’s mauve and chartreuse Muve & Chartreuse and called “The Embarassment”! Looks like a nice synth.


I don’t know if anyone is listening soundcloud demos from moog music, but this synth sounds f****g incredible !!


Moog Grandmother Soundcloud Links

You are right mess_er35, this does sound great!

ADDED: Listen to the last clip #23 Promobot IR77 – How are they doing the formant filter or the vocoder effects with this synth?


I jeez I really like this a lot. Was going to go back to MS20 mini as my analog mono but tempted to just save up for this. Sounds amazing. Love that it has an arp. Love the design. Anyone know what the midi spec is like?


An arp and a sequencer too.


Thanks for directing me to the manual I posted. Hmmm… it looks like Grandmother lets you do fun things with clock divisions in MIDI land. Very cool.


Was just looking at the manual, page 43 which has the abbreviated midi spec.

Of course there is a MIDI DIN in, out and thru on the back. Page 36 of manual.


Specs, manual, etc. are up on the Moog site:

Muscians Friend/Guitar Center taking orders for $899. By coincidence (or not), they also dropped the Mother 32 price.

The MIDI implementation seems to focus on sync, and basic keyboard/wheel usage (eg. pitch bend). No MIDI control of filter cutoff, or, presumably, other synth params that are supposed to be patchable by cable/CV.


No ARP/seq output over midi I imagine?

(Sorry, too lazy to look at the manual just now)


Good question - they didn’t quite stick to the formatting convention for a MIDI implementation chart, so it’s not obvious whether the ARP/SEQ stuff is MIDI Input-only, or there’s also MIDI out from that.


As for the Dreadbox comparision, this throws a bit of a wrench into my gear planning. I have to decide which I need more at this time - the likely MPE-compatible controller grid and paraphony of the Medusa, or yet another standard keyboard (albeit with Fatar level quaility) with spring reverb and other nice features, in a US-made product, for the money.


The Medusa won’t be available for a while. Spend the money now :space_invader:, and deal with the Medusa later. Also it’s not clear to me how many Granny Ms they’re going to build?


Damn enabler!!! :japanese_ogre:

Will probably review the manual a few more times before making a call on this - particularly the sequencer section.



I would say it is hard-syncing and some filter action


Response to GovernorSilver post #157.

The sequencer is extremely basic – but it does have transpose off the keyboard which is how i could see using it, puting in some advanced arp-like sequences, and using it that way.

The Dreadbox/Polyend system definitely has all sorts of sequencer functionality – like being able to play the sequencer steps from the matrix pads. To be the good conscience side of this, i do want to hear the Medusa when they get it more finalized to hear if it has the Dreadbox throat. Granny M definitely has a throat.


Feels good not to want this. Though I love it. I just don’t want it.


So i see a couple more interesting things.

From the manual:

A control signal connected to this input will modulate the pulse width of the Square or Narrow Pulse waveform selected by Oscillator 1. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) varies the duty cycle, or pulse width of a wave, and thereby changes its harmonic content. Among other things, PWM is often used to mimic the sound of ensembled strings and to thicken bass sounds.

Connecting an audio signal or high-frequency control signal to this input introduces Linear Frequency Modulation (FM) to Oscillator 2, which can be used to create brash, metallic, or bell-like tones.

I think that robot vocal looped thing i mentioned above – #23 Promobot IR77 – could be using the PWM IN with some sort of modulation – not sure. Would be fun modulating this input anyways.


it seems to be a really good addition to the mother and dfam, hope they will come up with a good solution for transportation and mobility like arturia did.


Interesting decision to mimic the look of a Eurorack synth, even though it isn’t – there is one main control board, and you can’t remove modules and move them around or put others in. I wouldn’t think there is enough of an attractive force to Eurorack to try to imitate it. This does hold costs down though and gives it a cohesive design motif.

Source: Gearnews article.


It’s great that it has linear fm