Moog Grandmother



Question for you. According to the manual the sequencer can be advanced by a pulse or signal from the Clock In port, ALA SH-101/Pro-One. Mind confirming this feature? It’s something I’ve been searching for forever in a new synth.


I agree that the minibrute 2s is a much cooler device as far as functionality goes, but this moog just sounds so much better.


I really like the fact that they are sourcing unique demins and not just pumping out some generic fabrics.


how practical is the sequencer? is it usefull to edit notes or do you always put in new sequences from scratch when you want to change single notes? can you keep track of long sequences, lets say when you are at step 178 and 179 etc?


I tested it and yes, the clock advances the sequencer.

The sequencer is pretty rudimentary. It’s very similar to the OP-1 Endless sequencer as once you enter a note, that’s it. You can rest, accent and tie notes but there is no erasing or editing as best I can tell. I’ll post more as I monkey around with it more.


It’s funny- I was considering a minibrute2 right as this was leaked. I’m glad I waited. It sounds soooo much better. That being said, I’ll still probably end up with a MB2 as it’s patch matrix is awesome.


Looking forward to more posts about the sequencer. Seems rudimentary but still useful for sketching something out, and of course for synthesis.

If I were to run guitar into an audio input, I suspect something has to trigger the Grandmother to allow processing of the guitar through the filter and spring reverb, or as a linear FM modulator - having the sequencer would be an improvement over having to put an object on a key.


I’ll give that a whirl in a bit. There is a hold/latch feature for the arp/seq. No more tape!


Yeah- the input is triggered, not passive. I just made some wonderful noises with my Boog and the GrandMa. So that question is answered. Only nitpick is that there is no gain adjustment for input. I tried a PO and it was inaudible so I had to patch through an amplified source.


From the manual…

This 1/4” input allows an external sound source to be processed by Grandmother’s analog circuits. There is no gain control for this input, so its preamp has been designed to bring low level signals (like that of a guitar) up to 10 Volts (peak-to-peak) in the Mixer. When connected to sources like a cell phone, drum machine, or other synthesizers, this input can easily be pushed into hard, musical clipping.
TIP: Even a high-output guitar signal can clip the mixer in some cases, which may or may not be desirable. Be sure to use the volume knob on your external sound source to dial in the sound you are looking for.

I find that the Pocket Operators get magical with a bit of gain staging (I love my Mackie mixer for that) but according to the manual there should be enough gain already. Enough to act as a sort of DI-box it seems. Maybe the PO’s default volume was set low when you connected it to the instrument input of the G’mother?


Sold a monosynth & a polysynth, with the intention of getting a ( better ) polysynth…

then this. I’m such a Moog junkie… Fuck it - I’m getting one. :blush:

It’ll play nicely with my 2 x Mothers + DFAM after all…

Who needs more than one note at once anyway, when the one note sounds this good…


I think that Moog G’Ma sounds good. It’d be a really nice choice for silky leads & such I think. I don’t think it necessarily sounds “better” than the MicroBrute 2.

If I were making a really grimy techno track, I think I’d prefer the MicroBrute 2 for a really driving riff if I wanted more energy. If I were doing something more minimal or delicate, I think I’d prefer the G’Ma. I just happen to be more into darker/grimy stuff lately personally.

I’ve been comparing G’Ma demos to Dreadbox NYX demos. These two have a very similar vibe imo.


For sequence editing see page 33 in the manual.


You do have a polysynth between the two Moog Mother 32s, the DFAM, and now the Grandmother!

Sounds like a nice setup.


BTW, how did you get yours so early? Are you attending Moogfest?


I am but Guitar Center got a batch and I had a 20% coupon so it was a no-brainer.


What??? There’s a manual!?!?

Just kidding. I’ll look into it. Honestly I just opened it, plugged it in and started monkeying about.


No. PO was at max. They’re just too quiet. I have same issue with all of the other devices I’ve tried using the PO with. They’re just too quiet. But I still love them!


Did you plug the PO into any other input, or just the instrument input?


I so don’t need another analog synth… but damn this sounds great! There are so many Minimoog clones out there and as good as some of the recent ones are, they don’t tempt me, as I’ve got a restored vintage Mini. However, this thing has a rough and raw sound that sounds very ‘vintage Moog’, but doesn’t seem to be redundant next to the Mini. The oscs in this might be derived from the Model D, but the rest of the 9xx-derived signal path is clearly contributing a lot to the character, particularly that CP3 mixer. Plus, I have a soft spot for the Rogue - it was the first ‘real’ synth I ever got my hands on - back when it was new (still have the PCB from one of my old Rogues), and this one looks similar (same mod/pitch wheels, angled panel, similar side panels).

On second thought, maybe I do need another analog synth…:thinking: