Moog Grandmother


The spring reverb is neat. But I would like to hear the envelope section and learn if it’s snappy or loose like old mother goose.


:crazy_face: sounds lovely , looks beautiful and is semi modular.
Unfortunately, I don’t need a synthhh … but I need spring reverb :smiley:


Because of the three knobs + sustain slider arrangement? Intellijel make a really nice dual ADSR module.


Let’s say it’s a spring reverb that you can also use as a synth! Rational decisions yay!


Semantics… It’s pretty clear this advertisement video was done in close co-operation with Moog.

In addition, the video is quite similar to some previous videos released by Moog for their previous synths.

Moog actually makes videos too, they even have a Youtube channel full of them:


It’s mostly about the electronic music lab / Roland System 100 vibe.


I’ll start ya off slowly and we’ll work up to the good stuff later!

**WARNING** For Normalogic’s Eyes Only!



Kind of aroused right now. Lacks kitsch colors tho! :thinking:


Criticizing Moog is like criticizing Michael Jordan

I used to have a moog rogue available to play around with. what a cool synth. this looks great.



Actually, I’d love to see a hardware version of Animoog. Also, I think the Grandmother is cool for what it is.


Got an email from Moog, looks like it was released to the wild today and already avaiable before Moogfest…


Another vid:


I got the email and was tempted but it’s a pretty bulky granny to squeeze into the studio so stepping away…for now…


Yes, a hardware Animoog would be amazing (maybe with 8 voices, though). Love using the app, but the interface is a a bit small on the iPad and my controller doesn’t have anywhere near good enough aftertouch to use it properly

I like the look of the Grandmother, but also no room for it in my space right now


Where to buy one in Europe? Anyone knows?


Had a quick search at work but not in the stores yet,
They will know:


I really don’t feel comfortable searching for “grandmother” on the internet.


I like this Moog video too.

The concept of simplifying and going back to the basics of the Moog sound and their electronics is really appealing. (And at the same time keeping it reasonably affordable.) Granny M also fits with the current semi-modular Moog line, like the DFAM and Mother-32.

The video is clearly done by Moog, (it’s in the Moog factory, with Moog engineers, and not the GC spokespeople) for and with the assistance of Guitar Center. What this tells me along with the Musician’s Friend video is that this will be a full fledged Moog product not a Moog-fest one off.