Moog Grandmother


I’ll only wear a Sound Transform Systems m-class pyramid patch on my jacket.


I’m trying to get down to MoogFest to pick one up. I live in Charlotte. I’ll let you know if I manage to get one.


Deal !!!


One and the same? Man, that’s quality :smiley:


No, I would grow out of them every other year. The most recent one is about two years old. I’m now the size of a Bentley and worth every damn penny. Grandma used to say, “Haw! They don’t make 'em like they used to!” Same goes with the jackets, I suppose.


A denim jacket is timeless. I once found a Jack Daniels denim jacket in a second hand store. I made a vest out of it and it’s covered with Hardcore/Punk patches.

When I die, I wanna lay down in the coffin with that vest on.


It’s perfect for our future hipster like living room in Berlin, my wife will love it! :quirky:


I’m not really a fan of slayer but when I see a slayer patch on a denim jacket I feel like screaming “Slayer”! No one has posted this jacket yet maybe in a couple of days. Slayer!


Is this a one-size-fits-all jacket or something? How does one make sure they get the right size that fits them?


Well, Moog did something right. It’s got everybody in every medium talking about it.


Like Behringer :joy:


If im going to spend $1000 for a keyboard to interact with modular/semimodular, it’ll be this:


That’s another option for sure.

Then again, wouldn’t it be cool to discover that each of the modules on the Grandmother will be available individually? I don’t expect it to happen, but for every person new to modular who is not sure to begin, the Grandmother presents a solid foundation for a modular system, rather than just a disparate collection of wacky modules.

I’d get into eurorack if I could buy two of those granny ADSRs.


I like slayer!


Had a frost washed denim jacket with fake fur lining in the 80s, which I haven’t quite recovered from. Not cool, even now.


One day maybe, just keep wearing it. It is the only way to make it fashionable :diddly:


I got to admit it is pretty cool device. :slight_smile: Moog sure knows how to make marketing videos that make their synths look appealing.


Here you can see all the modules and In&Outs and listen to the Sound:


It’s clear by the Youtube channel, as well as in every single frame of the video that Guitar Center produced that video, not Moog Music. Moog makes the appealing synths. They just can’t help themselves. Guitar Center is a music store chain that markets and sells them.


I f*ucking like it. I dig the colors. Didn’t know I was into grandmas. New fetish here I come!