Moog Grandmother


To me it looks more like the Surf Seeker.


With the exception of the Roland aira green trim controversy. That one will echo through eternity.


I like the colors… But I’m wearing a purple hoodie with black and rainbow stripes… :joy:
@bradleyallen, just FYI little phatty has 37 keys, sub phatty has 25…


Thanks for the clarification! So there you have it. Grandma has less teeth than the succulent little phatty but I wonder if she has more bite.


I loved my Grandmother, she lived 94 years, I want this Moog in her honour. Not now, not immediate but when the time is right I get one. Stories, memories, images, … inspiration for decades.

// Was eyeing a sub37 anyway but … this is the mother of the mother, on Mother’s Day!


I moved out of my house and put my stuff in storage cause I wasn’t making rent, I imagine I’m among the least financially abundant folks on here (for the moment anyway)…
I’d still save up for a moog over a behringer no doubt even though I can’t afford either…
I honestly am enjoying my new home over my last one, spring is in the air!


At least you have us


A Moog is probably a good bear repellent.

Not that you haven’t already formed a musical ensemble with your fellow woodland creatures. “Dude, the bear PLAYS the synth. She shreds on it!”


I have a cell IPad in the woods! It’s hilarious, that picture is from right now…
I’m honestly happier than I’ve been in a few years and life is exciting and fresh again…
I have no doubts the music lab will be set up again in the not to far off future, in a better place, to make better music!
My new job is traveling half the week surrounded by crystals:

@bradleyallen there are bears out here! I’ve come face to face with one about fifteen feet away… Mountain lions too… No prob though, they’re my friends… I’m more in tune with them than a lot of the humans, I love humans to though, just wish many of them would behave better… :joy:

Oh yeah, Moog! Thank you grandmother…


My Eyes are a bit weak, but I tried to figure out all the connectors, knobs and buttons from this low res picture.

The Modules

  1. Arp/SEQ (Yellow)

    • 3 Outputs (Gate out, KB Out, Level Out)
    • Big Rate Knob
    • Mode Selector: ARP , SEQ , Rec
    • Direction Selector: Order , Fwd/Bkwd , Random
    • OCT / SEQ Selector: 1, 2, 3
      • On the Back: Clock In, On/Off In, Reset In, Clock Out
  2. Modulation (black)

    • 2 Inputs (Rate In, Sync In),
      • 2 Outputs (Wave Out, ???)
    • 1 Big Rate Knob
    • 1 Big Knob cyan color, Pitch amount
    • 1 Big Knob green color, Cutoff Amount
    • 1 Big Knob Pulse Width Amount
    • 1 Big Switch Waveform (SIne, Ramp Down, Ramp up, Square)
  3. Oscillators (cyan)

    • 2 Outputs (Wave 1 and Wave 2)
    • 4 Inputs (Pitch 1 In, Pitch 2 in, PWM In, Lin FM In)
    • 2 Octave Switchers (32" to 4" and 16" to 2")
    • 1 red Sync Button
    • 1 Big Frequency Knob (probably for fintetuning the second OSC)
    • 2 Waveform Switches (SAW, Triangle, Square, Pulse)
  4. Mixer (black)

    • 3 Inputs (OSC1, OSC2, Noise In)
    • 1 Output
    • 2 Big Knobs, cyan (OSC1, OSC2)
    • 1 Big Knob Noise
  5. Utilities (black)

    • 4 Inputs without a Label
    • 1 Big Knob (??? Pass)
    • 2 Inputs (???)
    • 2 Outputs (???)
    • 1 Big Knob Attenuator
  6. Filter (green)

    • 3 Inputs (???)
    • 1 Output
    • 1 Big Knob Frequency
    • 1 Switch Keyboard Track: probably 1:2, Off, 1:1
    • 1 Big Knob Envelope Amount
    • 1 Big Knob Resonance
  7. Envelope (black)

    • 1 Input (Trigger In)
    • 2 Outputs (+Env Out, - Env Out
    • 3 Big Knobs for Attack, Decay, Release
    • 1 Slider for Sustain
  8. Output (black)

    • 3 Inputs (VCA, VCA AMT, Spring Reverb)
    • 1 Big Volume Knob
    • 1 VCA Mode Switch (Env, KBD RLS, Drone)
  9. Spring Reverb (red)

    • 1 big Mix Knob
  10. Keyboard-Controls

    • 1 Big Knob, cyan, maybe Slide or Slope
    • 3 Buttons: Green Play, Cyan maybe hold, Yellow Tap Tempo
    • Unreadabe second functions
    • 2 Wheels (Pitch, Mod)

Does somebody have a high res picture or better Eyes to fill in the missing signs?

Updatet it from the YT-Videos


Were we separated at birth ? I’ve got a gut feeling the denim jacket will be sold separately at the Moog store after moogfest.


I already wear a denim jacket. Done so since the early 7Os. I guess it’s… my thing. Because, you know. Levi’s and San Francisco, and being funky, etc.

Maybe Moog will accept trade-ins for embroidery upgrades?


Put one on top of another. You could call the style “Overpatch” or something.


Will it be able to stream every thread individually? :thinking:


That is kind of funny. I live in a large house with a sea view and could afford either, but I’d still buy the Behringer. I see no value in a Moog logo if I can get the same sound for cheaper.


I’m from SF too so it’s our uniform. Maybe they will do trade ins or iron on patches. Since Moog is doing reissues I better be saving for a reissue Moog source.


Fine. I’ll get the GrandMa and you’ll take the jacket? What’s it worth to you?


Can’t agree more… I see no value in basing a decision based on logo alone just for logos sake…
Anyone can speculate what I base my decisions on all day long, that doesn’t mean they have any relationship to the truth however…


I’m in. The jacket is worth to me 100 bucks. The rest is paid by you. Who’s ordering?


Look is irrelevant. But I’m fairly sure it’s built like a Bentley.

Buy Behringer, it’s all good. There is a place for all of us.