Moog Grandmother


naw man, thats just facebook knowitalls working their magic


Public sense of humor is rare and limited in the world we live in today. Such a shame. I miss the old days.

Grandmother remembers those days doesnt she?


Im am a Moog fanboy

And i find this off brand

Looks like rouge had sex with a realistic and their hippy love child spawn sprouted cv from genetic throwbacks…

I think i just realized that im a pure bread snob…

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haha i admit, i know how it feels, i ques that is the falling part of falling in love :slight_smile:


Looks like a couple available for sale:

Too pricey for me though…


Na, public sense of humor was always rare and limited. The only difference is that now-a-days pitchforks got replaced with computer keyboards.


Name aside, this is a pretty clever and well thought out synth. I hope it goes into production. What is one expected to do when they’ve outgrown the Mother 32 style synths… jump right into a Minimoog or Model 15?

This is a patchable semi-modular with a real keyboard at a Lil’ Phatty price-point. And it has a real ADSR unlike the Subharmonicon.


I have to admit that you are right about that, it seems like a useful synth and addition to a eurorack setup. But it didn’t need to look so atrocious. It seems offbrand with all the colors. Like a cheap knockoff.


Wonder how it sounds and what are the patch points exactly .


love the simplicity, love the colors, hope these are not only for the moogfest edition. the normal ones said to go on sale for 999$ so itl be something like 1100 €. it fits perfect for the mother 32 and dfam. hope they are available in quantities b4 christmas. If you all dont like it, the better, the sooner I can get mine…


MOOG Varicose-V. Better name but in keeping with the Grandmother theme (although a rather unfortunate side effect of being a grandmother)


Don’t want the synth. But a Moog denim jacket with a big ass PANTERA backpatch is very appealing to me.


For the price of this you could get Behringer Neutron, Model D and Pro-One. Hard to justify this one even though it does have the Moog logo…


For some people money isn’t an issue. They buy Bentley instead of VW.

Just sayin’


I’d like to know more about the fatar keyboard. I had a fatar controller a while back and it was very high quality, weighted hammer etc. not lightweight.
If it can double as a serious midi keyboard the price is more appealing. I just can’t enjoy cheap shitey keyboards.


If you don’t like cheap mini keyboards, then the Fatar is for you. The Moog Lil Phatty was 25 keys. Grandmother has 32 keys, as well as 41 patch points, including 21 inputs, 16 outputs and a parallel-wired 4-jack multiple. Again, for less money than the Lil Phatty.


well, if I buy a Moog that doesnt mean that I wont buy any Behringer sometime. An If I would be just looking for the cheapest way to make some noise, I would stick to apps. Good design doesnt mean that you have the most features, but that you concentrate on the important ones. All of my moogs sound exceptional good, have great haptics and are fun to play with. They cant do anything, but what they do, they do well. But this the beauty of the synths – there is so much variety that everyone can pick one up that fits to his budget and needs.

Its a bit like drinking red wine: When you start, you think its great to become drunk by a cheap one for 3 bucks a bottle. when you grow older and get more experience, you can appreciate the quality of a good one, even if it costs 20.


I was dreaming last night of the EMS Polysynthi. And the Fourth Doctor and K-9.

Overall this huge and colorful instrument suffered most of the change in musical aesthetics brought by the incipient 80’s. A similar change in musical aesthetics makes this rare beast a sought after sound maker.


Does Moog Grandmother look like a Bentley to you?


Of all of the pointless fights, synth aesthetics ranks up there higher than most.