Moog Grandmother


I want one. I don’t want the hipster jacket.




Wonder if Behringer will bother cloning this one :thinking:


Pre-cloned… :joy:


The scary thing is, it already looks like a Behringer.
Behringer Old Fart coming soon :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You just wonder how much uglier Behringer could make it :joy:


Don’t threaten behringer with a good time




Looks too wacky for my taste.


Looks fun.


Tis a new synth? It already looks vintage, thats for sure…


Meanwhile at Moog’s design department:


Well that’s my point


But agreed, the names of moog’s latest synths since the sub 37 has been of the same level as horse racing names. Puns so lifeless they’re not even worthy of a hair salon.


Nice, wouldn’t mind having one :heart_eyes: I like moog synths, hi q build an they sound great. I Like the names better then some other astronomical scientific deep meaning pompous names. :+1: Elektron gives cool names to machines too


My therapist tells me I need to buy this to punish myself.


haha you do ( sometimes ) sound like you are into music for punishment …


i would love to see the modules separated.
but this thing was clearly a surprise after the subharmonicon…which follows something


I expressed how much I’d rather have a Dreadbox Medusa or MiniBrute 2S than this on a friend’s FB post yesterday, and managed to offend a bunch of synth connoisseurs who construed my comment as a complaint about price.

What Grandmother has taught me is to always avoid criticizing anything Moog around synth elitists. It is definitely not worth doing.


But it’s a sweet torment all the same😊