Moog Grandmother


You should check out Metasonix EuroCrack / Guitar Pedals (If you haven’t already)




Grams got jams


It’s just… no… just… no… What an ugly piece of shit! It looks like a late april’s fool joke… That isn’t funny… at all…

Really hope the subharmonic makes it on the market because that looks way cooler than this.


It would be Physical Modeling Synthesis with algorithms solely based on dialogue from the vast Samuel L Jackson film catalog :facepunch:


Yep, for such a seemingly premium brand, they sure have some cheesy names.

Uncle From Another Dad
Morbidly Obese 37
Fuggle wuggle glib glob


I dig it.
Makes sense too, I know so many people who love their MG-1’s.
I imagine this is the best thing they’ve seen in a while.
It looks like a brand new synthesizer from way back in the day, it’s semi modular, made by Moog.
Whats not to like ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Did denim jackets come back while I was away raising my children?


It’s a Moog denim jacket too. Holy crap. If it’s like a Lee Rider jacket then it’s game over. :slight_smile:

I hope they reissue a Moog source soon too. Then there goes my vacation money.


I know I’m in the smaller camp but:

I think it looks just gorgeous!!! Finally some colour and personality comes back!! Seems fun with the patchpoints but I think I’d rather go for a slightly pricier dominion 1 to fill the same role as this one? But man, im rooting for some 70’s pastel trend to rise. Bring the corduroy!


I think if there’s going to be a “Mother F#%ker” it’ll come from Behringer :smiley:


i think this could be a new cool thing to say at parties or social gatherings.

especially if someone entered the room wearing corduroy.


nothing screams “party animal” like corduroy trousers


Dom 1 goes way beyond though…


My eyes just slapped me in the face.


Ha! :rofl: Fuggle wuggle glib glob! Sounds like rick from rick and morty and Morbidly Obese 37 absolute comedy gold! You have earned your generic :footprints: and :sob: very appropriate smileys. It’s becoming like a soap opera. So who is daddy or shall I say: Daddy from another marriage…huh what DFAM? We have been warned. Forget the subharmonic, Daddy is coming!!


I’m laughing so hard at this thread. Thank you Moog’nauts.



Maybe they’re trying to represent all the grandmothers with the matching of their wordrobes, or lack there of rather. It’s not semetrical, but it BAM! In your face bright where there is color. Maybe Moog is being funny. 1 pole filter to get down slow and worn out quick?