Moog Grandmother


I tried them all. It’s audible but just barely on the Noise In and the VCA In. And both require triggering. No real surprises here as I’ve had the same issues with the PO units when sampling or recording them. They just gotta be amplified.


So I read this alleged “manual” regarding the sequencer and you can only edit in real time. So if you botch step 107, you gotta catch it in real time to fix it. So basically, imagine the sequencer as more of a really long arpeggiator. That being said, I love it so far. The sound is very unlike the D. I agree that there’s something else in the signal chain that’s adding some magic. And the Spring Reverb is awesome.


Yeah the on the fly edit method, while it gets the job done is a pain. At least you can slow the tempo down enough so you can’t miss it and mess it. But at least you can edit, 'cuz option two is to redo the whole sequnce from scratch.


Have you been banging the case? Sounds like a third to a half of the demos i’ve heard someone is banging the case.


The first rule of using spring reverb: bang the case so that everyone knows it’s a spring reverb.


Just lost interest right there.



I did give it a thump just to see. Sounds like my old 1989 Crate Guitar amp. But much better and Moogier.


This thread is ah-mazing.

Grandmas, Ds, thumping, banging…


Bang on the case all day


It’s grittier and angrier. Not as smooth. Just did a side by side. Also tried out my Boog and it’s the same.


Anyone know if the arp can be sent over midi on it? Looks like it could have the secondary function of high quality midi keys with arp.


Can you progress the sequence with an external trig while recording? This would allow you to input sequences remotely from a midi/cv/trig converter.

There was a little app for the MC202 that was helpful for programming sequences externally, but there’s a charm in transcribing a part onto paper so you can follow along as you ‘program’ it in. Some people love it, some people hate it.


Yes you can put it in Step-Advance mode and then the clock-in signal advances the sequencer. Very good idea panelist. Also useful for playback. This synth will be great with all the extra modular pieces.

At least this synth will remember a sequence so you don’t have to reprogram it, after power-down.


Yep. Works wonderfully. Only tested over usb. Didn’t try over DIN. I’m referring to the arp/seq.


What more do you need?


A cash advance?


I think this is one of the interesting things about it. It was smart of Moog to break away from the Moog = Model D/Phatty/‘that’ sound legacy and more into their open ended, general purpose modular beginnings, albeit in a semi-modular plus keyboard format.


This stuff, to be specific (copied from elsewhere):

· Oscillators based on Moog Minimoog
· Mixer based on Moog CP3
· Filter based on Moog 904
· Envelope Generator Based on Moog 911
· VCA Based on Moog 902
· Spring Reverb based on Moog 905


That’s not my quote, but I did quote it.


Thomann has set the 999eur price for grandmother.