I’m getting a weird sense of dejavu!

Dejavu aside I wouldn’t mind hearing a few more demo’s as there seems to be quite a bit of overlap with the Mother 32 and it’s relatively easily to patch and sequence percussion on the mother 32.

I’ll probably end up getting one but not until I’ve got hold of an Analogue Solutions Treadstone and Fusebox first.


Yeah (looking at the manuals) there is a lot of similarity (and difference) Mother-32 to DFAM. Definitely lets you learn stuff on one and apply it to the other. Cool to think there will be more in this series. (That’s the rumor!)

Kinda like the Elektron products, you learn something on one and often you can do something like it on a different Elektron. Have fun, collect them all.


Around the 13 min. mark, Steve of Moog answers the reset question:

The person who posted this video stumbled upon the same workaround that Jukka discovered. Well, I think it’s the same - Jukka feel free to correct me. This is what he says

I’m able to reset the DFAM back to step one after step five by patching the pitch output into the tempo input… I’ve turned pitch all the way up on steps 6, 7, and 8… the trick here is that each step’s pitch will adjust the tempo until the next step. So to get an easy and steady tempo I’ve turned the pitch on the first five steps all the way down. The pitch range is Huge so unless you want to tune each step by hand, which could meticulously be done, this is the fastest way to get the result. Now, since the pitch range is huge, turning pitch all the way down on steps 1-5, the master tempo becomes super slow… So I turned up that master tempo knob to a faster setting… And there you have it… Technically it’s not skipping or resetting steps 6-8, it’s just moving through them so fast that it appears to reset from step 5.


The manual is such a pleasure to read.


GAS kicking badly



I just got a great deal on a used, minty M-32…totally need to figure this patch and peformance out. I do have to say the M-32 really does inspire me to just hit record and play the instrument.


It seems the DFAM would be the same way, fun to play and just record. They are both high quality niche within niche items. The price doesn’t seem that off and the lack of MIDI, well, Moog decided to go that way with the whole “Mother ecosystem” thing. Its not the worst marketing ever.

Anyone should be able to figure out a way to make this work in their setup. I’d also guess to construct something similar oneself with Eurorack modules would probably cost as much or more than this unit. On the other side of things the two stand alone Jomox drum voices M.Base and M.Brane would run you about the same together new. What ever the newest iteration of the kick module is, I owned for a while and it was alright. It did its 808ish thing well.

Its not for me at that price. Its probably not for me at what the used price will be. Its still cool though. Looks fun. Sounds good.

If I really wanted to get crazy with percussion sound design in hardware land, I’d probably get a Nord Drum 2.


Good one nzk303.

And how about this?

Note there are a few more things in this mix, like a Morphagene saying “drummer from another mother”, but you should have no problem picking out the DFAM.


Damn it sounds good ! I can’t say I won’t be tempted when they hit the stores…


So now the new Arturia Minibrute 2 has picked up on this config with a 48 connection patch panel.

Might be a fun pairing, as the Minibrute has very different filters and oscillators plus a compact full sized keyboard with mod-wheels, sequencer and LFOs.


I’m considering giving up the M32 (I’ve never needed the sequencer) for the Minibrute and getting a DFAM. Anyone know anything wrong with the idea? I WANT FULL-SIZED KEYS!!


I listened to the DFAM Demos and the Minubrute 2. What I recognized is, that the Arturia thing has lots more options but the vanilla sound is quite thin. So you have to tweak a lot of knobs to get something good out of it. Whereas Moog has lesser controlls and options, but damn does even the vanilla sound good. So for getting some nice sample food for my ot and dt, I think the dfam has more to chew on. MIDI would have been nice, but because this is modular and has no patch-saving, I have to sample the sounds anyway. So yeah its good to have this expensive little high end gear, that focusses just on the sound and doesnt care about functions and interfaces.


Sounds good – i’d study the two manuals and think carefully about how they connect and how i was going to use them, before i pulled the trigger.


Righto. Waiting on the Minibrute manual.


Perhaps an example of where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


EDIT: not OT. Will do my own research.


By my calculations,
10000BPM divided by 60sec = 166 2/3 Beats per Second…

If one step = 1/16th note, 4 steps = 1 Beat

166 2/3 beats per second x 4 steps per beat = 666 2/3 steps per second…

The manual says the sequencer can run up to 700hz and equates that to “roughly” 10000BPM…
So I believe the sequencer runs at a max speed of 700 steps per second!




Why would you give up the Mother and not just add to it? I don’t own a M32 but have been seriously considering picking one up specifically to pair with a DFAM and not for the sequencer either. Any downfalls in redundancy with having the two? I was even thinking two DFAM’s would be an even better idea but maybe I’m missing something there as well. The DFAM with the 0-coast maybe? And the new minibrute 2 with them as well? Every possible sound possibility you could imagine with just those three?

I’m super interested in everyone’s thoughts on this! I love the bloops and thuds from the dfam. The minibrute 2 covers a lot of flexibility with its patch bay. Maybe the vanilla sounds aren’t that great bc of the lower end components. The og minibrute was fuzzy sounding, they’ve always had a more aggressive sound.

I love the semi modular idea, I really have done a great job of staying away from the modular life but this looks like a gateway into something I’ve been afraid of sinking money into. But the sound and flexibility is very very nice.
I can see dfam in my future, I’m just afraid of where that is going to take me next. Thanks Moog :upside_down_face:


I figured I wouldn’t be the only person already mulling over the Minibrute 2 as a patching playmate for the DFAM, rather than a Mother-32. :wink:

I actually like the 'brute sound, so the core sound does not make M-32 or a Minibrute 2 a clear winner for me.