Ordered a pair today too. Can’t wait for them to be delivered!


I think its not possible within dfam.

Btw i really love mine more and more. Such a pretty dirty bass & dub maschine :sunglasses:


I think so too.
Yeah it’s very nice, I like it a lot. It’s much more interesting than the Mother32 to me


Yeah it’s great. Been rocking 2 Mothers, DFAM & Nyx through an Eventide H9 currently. Ambient heaven.


My son loves playing around with the DFAM. :slight_smile:


Hi mates.

I am trying to sync DFAM from Analog Four, I am plugin a wire from CV-A of Analog Four (In clock mode) to Clock/Adv of DFAM but don´t work.

Any tips?




Hi mate, thanks for the response.

I can´t sync DFAM from from A4 using CV port in Clock mode?

Must be use in gate or trigd mode?



Just press thr red „run“ button for start :slight_smile: mine works like charm when sending gates from a4 cv to dfam.

Anyond tried to send the dfam to a4 audio ins for massive filter bank distortion mayhem? Just did that last week. BÄM!


I didn’t try it with clock actually. Have to test. I like the method with gates, cause you can get a lot of rhythmic variation.


Not yet to busy running the dfam through ms-20 filter clone, some serious low end going on there… The a4 is indeed lovely for processing other synths though.


Didn’t work for me with clock. Gate works perfectly


Hi mate.

I try to use ADV/CLOCK with your tip and work fine.

Many thanks.


I’m very drawn to your profile pic :smile:


this is flippin awesome. thanks for sharing.






Thank you !


Hi mates.

I managed to sync DFAM from A4 using ADV/CLOCK but now I want to send notes from A4 to DFAM with trigger, pitch and velocity.
How do I have to connect the CV cables of the A4 to the DFAM and what values do I have to choose in the CV?



Awesome video from #TSR19 patching the DFAM with a Mother 32.

Jakob Haq is a funny dude. But Jim DeBardi from Moog really shows off what is possible patching these two, and maybe, just maybe, is able to convince Jakob that that modular thing might almost make some sense.