yeah, like on the Mother32


Anyone here using more than one DFAM? I’m getting my second unit soon (to be used with my OT) and I was wondering what kind of possibilites lies in combining two. Tricks, tips, crazy patching ideas?


So… I tried for the first time a generative-ish music thingy. Please be kind :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a few questions… first, let me tell you how it is hooked:

Some MIDI clips in Ableton with follow actions running on different length loops (like THIS).
One track goes to channel 2 in A4 which has a 4-voice pad with some LFOs running to move things a little.
Live also triggers CV track of A4, which triggers DFAM.
And there is also Wavetable from Live playing random chords in C minor from these clips.
And a sound sample from a storm.

So, questions on the DFAM. I am using:

one CV to run the seq
one CV to trigger pitch
one CV to trigger notes
one LFO left to patch in DFAM. i usually have that LFO lfoed by another LFO to give more movement.

Am i “wasting” any CV?
Also, which are your favourite ways of getting some movement from the DFAM? Is it possible without external ENVs and LFOs?

Dreadbox Erebus

not sure what’s the difference here? which inputs do you use?

What do you mean with “wasting”?


I use DFAM adv/clock with CLK CV, DFAM trigger in with trigger CV out from A4 and VCO 1 in DFAM with V/oct CV from A4. Using one CV to trigger and another one send pitch. Isn´t like that how it is done?

Maybe I am using two CVs for the same…? Rookie question.


yes it is :slight_smile:
It depends what you do. If you only sequence VCO1 from the A4 and don’t use the DFAM Sequencer you don’t have to send the clock. But of course you can use both sequencers combined.
A fun thing to do is to send gates from the A4 sequencer instead of a steady clock to Step Advance of the DFAM. If you then leave out some steps in the A4 sequencer the pattern always shifts and rarely repeats.


cool, I´ll try it.
I feel I could really use some LFO power. What would be my options? As I see it:

or another semi-modular,
or to start my own eurorack with some envelopes and LFOs

Smartest move?


how about analog four lfo power? they are extremely powerful


If i use trigger, adv/clock and pitch information I only got one LFO free. Isn´t? Is there a way I can take more advantage of it?


A 0-coast can supply additional LFOs, plus is a cool little synth in its own right. I use it in my setup sometimes to provide additional features (envelopes, Lfos) to my Grandmother.


Moog DFAM and Mother 32 wiith my new Erica Synths Black Hole DSP Modul. my first EruroRack module ever btw.


i was thinking on it already. sounds cool. Do you have any vids?


do you use Cv/gate all the time? Do you use one VCO for melodic stuff?
Just asking, cause I usually only clock the DFAM from the A4 and use its internal sequencer. But I use it for percussion stuff mostly. So I always have 3 A4 cv outputs free for modulation


No, afraid not. But the 0-coast has a cycling slope generator (so can act as an LFO) plus two additional LFOs that can be activated in the settings, plus a Contour (envelope), a random sample n hold, etc… It’s quite a neat utility device (while also sounding great in its own right). I don’t have a DFAM (yet!) so I haven’t used them together, but Loopop did quite a good video about stuff to pair with the 0-coast, and he’s got a section on DFAM here


that was to sequence melodic stuff.


does anyone already tried to patch vca out into vcf mod in? just found out that this gives a nice overdrive distortion.

Great tip with sending out just gates to DFAM instead of a Steady Clock. You can also send different rhytms to trig in and clock advance in. And if you start sending another gate pattern to start/stop in … things can get very quickly randomly. Oh happy days :slight_smile:


Does anyone know of anyone that does these?

Moderator edit: The question is about a protective lid for the DFAM.



does anyone know a possibility to modulate the pulsewidth of one of the square VCO’s on the DFAM?


Thanks mate, got it.