no CPU to slow things down


Yea, just got carried away a few days whilst clicking on a Make Noise Powered Skiff link :alien: … but came to my senses again and ordered the DFAM. Want to stay married a couple of decennia longer, avoiding eurorack for now will help me doing that :loopy:


The DFAM is sneaky too – it actually is Eurorack, just not IN YOUR FACE EURORACK! But you don’t have to tell anyone.


Yea, I know it is. But a half skiff empty is difficult to live with, hahah not for now. Happy the mother 32 will have a sibling! Some supervision by the Grandmother will be needed by the end of the summer maybe :blush:


Joining the family tomorrow can’t wait to have a play.


Hi all. I can’t figure out how to externally trigger my dfam independent of the on-board sequencer. Is that not possible? Using my beatstep or A4, I can trigger into the “trigger” but that just advances the next seq step much like the clock/adv, i.e. i can’t go beyond the 8 seq steps for triggers. I can sequence pitch for longer than 8 steps with A4 but can’t figure out the trigs. I feel like I’m missing something obvious?


Try setting DFAM sequence length to 1 step?


Using the Gate out of my A4 into the Trigger in does what it should…trigger the envelopes. Is there any additional connection into ADV/Clock input?

Ah, AdamJay…you can`t change the sequence lenght to anything than the 8 steps


Would the RYTM mk2 be able to create sound like those dry hard „woody“ kicks of the first two minutes?
I mean, without the use of samples.


I don’t know. I don’t have a Rytm


This video captures a sense of the excitement in live performance on the DFAM:


Mine arrived! Can’t open the box :package: until tomorrow after work :grimacing::see_no_evil:

Gonna have a blast testing this with the Tanzbär and M32 in the OT mix :tada:


The trigger-in is still tied to the on board seq though. It seems there’s no way to break the trigs from the dfam seq which is a shame i think. Even the mother is able to trigger independently of its sequencer. I’m loving the sounds coming out of my dfam but such strange decisions by moog given the companion mother feature set.


Is this good enough for less steps? Have to try tonight myself… needs some stackable cables… and a tiptop audio happy ending kit … ooohhh nooo it has begun :alien:


Yeah. less steps when, ok with 1 note sequences :slight_smile: the pitch to tempo connection is pretty nice for interesting rhythm structures. But i was responding to the question if the DFAM is capable of classic reset function to have less then 8 steps and the full range of the note values


Does somebody know if there is a DFAM knob upgrade for sale somewhere in the EU, preferably GER?



Pretty sure Thonk does EU shipping. Here’s the link.


Would you guys recommend getting the Moog DFAM? I have a Mother-32 and I’m looking for a companion for it. Either I can get the DFAM or modules that would compliment the M32. How well does it go with other Elektron gear??


Regarding the DFAM with various Elektron equipment: Key issue is there is no midi in on the DFAM – so Elektron stuff with CV outs or some sort of midi to CV should be part of the picture, for Elektron gear with midi out.

Soundwise – i definitely recommend the DFAM.

There are various videos that show the DFAM and M-32 – they do work well together.

I’m looking for the Subharmonicon to pair with the DFAM myself.


@Jimmo Yes, thanks. I saw them before at Thonk, was looking for a EU seller to avoid extra shipping costs.

@friedcircuit, yes to everything @Jukka said. Am doing some focussing on M32+DFAM+Tanzbar lately, with some keys and soundscapes … fun at the mixer playing with effects, in short DFAM is immediate and fine sounding.

Guess I will track some session soon to get a few recordings out of the long experimenting sessions … (note to self, but I never do it :cheeky:).

It’s waiting for a Subharmonicon to add to the party indeed, hopefully it will be released in a few months. I have no Eurorack yet, I will get a small skiff to add some functionallity when the loooong winter is coming back to Berlin! Can’t wait :totes: