Coincidentally I was going to message you earlier today, to ask you about the sonic/tone differences between the ND1 & 2. But then I just went ahead and bought the ND2.

I did in fact have a couple of ND2’s, a few years back, but sold them without much use.


It’s not so much tone as parameter difference, there is crossover but also exclusivity, that’s why I need both!
There are more obvious differences (midi cc/headphone/etc) but for me I can’t live without them! I love them so much!

I’m looking forward to the DFAM, I’m just worried that I’ll end up with a million loops as it sounds so good!


You will absolutely end up with a million loops. And they will sound ooooooh so good! :smiley:


Made this when I got mine. All DFAM all the way. Just a quick track to try it out.


Thanks for the info.

Can’t wait to get these beauties in action together.


while looking for the old feedback trick i came across this little nice feature:

parameter lock for resonance:
patch vca out into ext in
patch pitch out (or vca out - but pitch out work better) to noise level in
turn up the noise / ext in level
also the vca decay as impact on the resonance …

have fun :slight_smile:


sounds great!


Thank you very much ! Yes I use the WMD Chimera a lot, although here Fracture is a bit more present. I got it recently and have yet to explore it as thoroughly as Chimera but to me these two modules are really some of the best percussive ones you can get in euro. Very rich, unique and versatile. They have so many patch points that you can really make them alive.

The patch here is mostly percussive. There is obviously the Lyra drone running throughout and I play it manually as well. There is also the DFAM doing low toms that compliment the kick pattern and that I also tweak manually. Then in the modular there is Fracture, Chimera as well as a Manis Iteritas going through a Rainmaker (all the stereo action). Everything is heavily modulated and sequenced with the ER-101 and a combo of Pamela’s Workout and Numeric Repetitor.


It’s marked down to $499 at Sweetwater and MF/GC.


Wow, that’s an impressive variety of tones from just the DFAM, including the snare and hats!


Cool - this track is pure YELLO style!


I have joined the cult of D’Fam.
Absolutley love it, rock solid bit of kit, amazing sound, perfect for what I want to do. I am sending midi from my OT to my TR09 then using the trigger out into the dfam clock in… Which means all sorts of wonky syncopated fun. So glad I ditched the Rytm MK2!


Velocity out >
Tempo in <

Heaven for swing and wonky beats :star_struck:


My finger is on the order button :nerd::panda:




Must say, love my DFAM. And I never really considered one when they came out. Now I’ve got it though . . . So inspirational.
I’m looking at what the mother 32 can do now too.


Yeah it’s great at all types of baselines. Such a controlled bass, easily to tightly tailor the bass to a kick so it gives a strong groove. Not like any other synth I’ve had.


I’m sad they’re not on sale at Sweetwater anymore :cry:


I love analog synths – you can listen to the DFAM, particularly with faster sequence sounds, but with practically everything, and it’s always doing these beautiful variations, minor or even microscopic variations on the sound that shows this thing is alive, it’s little heart is beating.