Or use a track of a machine with individual outs to send an audio click to the DFAM. I use a track of my AR to sync it, works nicely enough. Plus you can do rythm madness things if you start sending irregular clicks :grin:


Excellent idea, can i borrow that? Thank you toodee!!



Yeah. Just spent my first hour with one. Blimey. Great sound, great design.


I want one now.


No midi no problem. I have loads of gear with no midi because it is old or weird, I use them just as much as the midi gear. DFAM- I love mine! OT midi clock to TR8-S, then TR8-S trig out to DFAM adv clock in.

Poly rhythmic heaven…


I always assumed this is precisely the reason so many of us come back here often. Borrow away, friend :grin:

One could probably obtain entertaining results with conditional trigs and retrigs… :exploding_head:


So I get that the DFAM’s sequencer is a bit tricky for melodic stuff. But assumed sequenced externally, how does it excel as lead/bass synth. Soundwise? Compared to the mother? Same filter right?
Second question: Regarding feature set only: What do you think makes a better partner to the dfam. Mother or 0-coast?


The raw oscillator sound without any FM does sound quite like the Mother.

I’m not sure using it as a melodic synth voice is quite what it’s best at but it seems like it tracks just fine if you want to do that.

I’m interested to know if people will develop some more unexpected sounds from the DFAM, maybe using much slower (& less regular) trigs from external gear. A lot of what I’ve heard so far is this driving techno sound, and it’s fantastic, but I’m wondering if it has more in its locker.


but it’s nice to have this option as well :slight_smile:


Not complaining at all! In fact the melodic content is a big part of the sound. The raw oscillators sound wonderful.

The limited envelopes might be a sticking point if you often just wanted to use it as a backup monosynth though.


I have been finding some amazing heavy metal style guitar sounds, thick chunky power chord stuff. Keeping the melodic variance quite narrow. Combined with polyrhythmic patterns I am quickly approaching the realms of meshuggah.
For me its all about triggering it from the TR8-S, to transend the 8 step pattern sound.
Bloody love the DFAM!


Yeah I’m itching to hook it up with my TR-8S trigger out, and run it through a good delay. I only had a bit of time with it on its own last night.


I would say the Mother, mine doesn’t play too well with my 0 coast. I use keystep to send clock to dfam, I had thought it would work nicely with just DFAM but they just wouldn’t sync.


but the 0-coast has a clock generator… Should work, right?


It should do but I think it has something to do with the voltage being different and that affects the sync. I have been unable to successfully sync midi clock via 0coast to DFAM.


did you patch a cable between the 0-coast clock output and the DFAM’s clock input?

I can’t imagine this to be the case. They talk both eurorack language


I ran a clock out if 0 coast in advance on the dfam as that is the patch point to clock sync the sequencer. It either advanced steps at a glacial rate or stupid fast. Did the same thing with key step and no problems at all.
I am sure I have read earlier in this thread of someone else having issues syncing 0coast directly with dfam.


Maybe your 0 coast doesn’t receive midi clock correctly?
Did you try to tap the tempo on the 0coast to see if the dfam follows? Just asking, cause it would be strange if there are clocking issues


I tried tap tempo and it was slightly more stable but drifted. That’s when I switched to midi clock via keystep just to check if the issue was with the DFAM. That worked perfectly, to be honest I haven’t tried again since as I haven’t had time to do much music recently.