couldn´t resist to record another exploration. This time more experimental stuff and Analog Four provides fx with reverb and modulating delay


Wow, your two recordings demonstrate aspects of the DFAM I haven’t heard elsewhere so far, thanks so much!

These make me all the more excited for this box – I heard some very guitar-like tones in the last half of your long jam session, along with other fantastic stuff. yes!


Just a micro snippet now that my master thesis is behind me and I can actually play with the DFAM rather than just look at it :slight_smile:


Thanks to you guys and this thread the DFAM is now part of my live setup. It´s so hands on and sounds great. My only complaints are:

  • missing midi
  • tempo knob should work as a tempo divider, when receiving clock (like on M32)

Other than that. I love it.


Over this week i have tried to get nice clean melodic sounds, even employed a strymon bigsky for shoe gazing cavernous ethereal pad like reverbs… but no matter what i tried ended up at bath salts…


Love the sound of this thing…I’m so tempted to pick one up…the lack of MIDI and easy sync w/ my OT is what makes me hesitate. I’m sure you are relieved to have some time to make some music. That’s sounds massive. :thup:


I have a DFAM running with the Mother 32 and it’s the most fun I have had making techno in ages. I can just sit and jam with both of them for hours. It’s not always easy to keep my attention for that long. Way too fun.


yeah man! totally feel this. it´s like turning on the Dfam, turning some knobs and wondering what you have done the last hour and why the beer is warm :smiley:

@Adam9 did you try run it from a quantized sequencer? should help getting proper notes.


I managed to sync the DFAM with an audio click, details here. You have to sacrifice the cue out to send the click though. Another solution would be the Doepfer Dark Link (not tested) to transform the MIDI clock from OT to a CV clock, but that’s more expensive than a simple cable…

I’m sending the DFAM audio back to the OT for effects and it’s techno bliss :sparkling_heart:


Hmmm, the audio click route is something I’ll have to look at in detail and see if I can grasp exactly how you do this w/o having a DFAM on hand but I’ll look into that in my spare time (kind of new to cv clocks/triggers/etc… :D).

If I knew for 100% that the Dark Link would work would work, I’d probably pick up a DFAM/Dark Link my next paycheck. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s how much I want to incorporate the DFAM with the OT. Those DFAM drum sounds are bliss for me also…probably wouldn’t need another drum synth ever, it’s so massive sounding…and perfect for techno/industrial type of sounds. :star_struck: Glad you got it working! :thup: Have fun!


Indeed :yum:

Took me less than an hour of DFAM to start considering selling my AR MK1, which I thought would never ever happen. It’s that good sounding.

It has what industrial techno needs, and more. Pretty sure it can do all genres though, very wide sound palette.
Can you tell I’m in love ? :heart_eyes:


I have the DFAM since yesterday and i mostly come up with basslines - kind of unexpected :slight_smile: a great machine with the distinctive moog sound.

First little recordings with an Mbase11 some hihats and Reverb/Delay.
Some small modulations from the Eurorack (FM Amount, Filter CV)


Just ordered mine. Delivery tomorrow hopefully. Really looking forward to messing with it. :sunglasses:


Very cool short tracks, love the housey feel of the first one and the slightly darker second one. That filter ! Such a joy to turn that knob. I’ve missed the knobs from my M-32.

I’ve had mine for a couple of weeks but I’ve just had time to dig into it these past few days. I love it very much, so instantly playable, so fun, so full of sweet spots. I’ve only jut used it for percussion so far, but the “presets” show how much more there is to this beast.

Anyway here’s a first real track with it where it comes real early and stay on mostly all the time, doing the subdued toms in the background :


love the modular dub man!!! You posted in another thread you also used the WMD chimara and the lyra 8? maybe you can explain your patch a little bit?


Damn, man, that 2nd track is fire, I’d play that at the club without thinking twice :sparkling_heart: If those are really your first tries with the DFAM, I can’t wait for the rest, good job !


it`s such a fun machine…i had to tweak a little again :star_struck:

(DFAM, KICK, Hat(s), Reverb)


I don’t usually drink, a lot.
I don’t usually scan eBay either.
Won a DFAM so I’m in the club now :wink:


I got one on Monday but haven’t had time to test it. Got a Nord Drum on Tuesday and then today, on impulse bought a Nord Drum 2 on eBay. Drums are sorted.


I have both Nord Drums myself, possibly the best boxes ever, need them both too.
Great with midi, dominating with modular!