always trusting mr mylar melody when he is shaking with his hands and saying




so it was the final video I watched befor ordring :wink:

and you are totaly right! as soon as your programmed 8 steps sequence beginns to sound a little boring after a minute or two, you start instantly tweaking and tweaking and tweaking … and oh wow is already 2 hours later and the bootle of beer is still full.


That’s a good point. For me, there are many things beyond that application I’d like to do. For instance, I think the DFAM probably lends itself really well to random clicks, crackles and zings here and there to add some spice to a track. That’s something the built-in sequencer doesn’t really do all that well, even though there are ways to do something in that vein.

So, you’re right: What Mylar is doing there is brilliant. But there’s even more to be had by integrating it with other sequencers :slight_smile:


Certainly, my remark was mainly concerned with using it as a mostly stand alone instrument. By the way, if you are into clicks, crackles and zings (and have a modular already) you should check WMD’s Chimera and Fracture; two incredible percussive modules aimed at (but certainly not restricted to -the promo videos are good but don’t showcase their true versatility) hats and claps respectively. I personally love them.

Anyway, can’t really wait to have my DFAM; next Tuesday hopefully :slight_smile:


Ah, right, makes sense.

Can’t wait to hear what you do with it - I think it fits your style perfectly!


Bugger, all this chat about this machine has piqued my interest. . .
However, I run Octatrack and Digitone . . . These machines won’t sequence the DFAM and Ableton is my other goto.
Our am I missing something?


Well, some audio interfaces are DC coupled, which means they can be used for control voltages. Or, you could always go for a CV.OCD.


Probably just a MIDI-CV converter. I’m sure Moog would love for you to buy a Mother 32 for that role ;).


I kind of wish I hadn’t forgotten about the CV.OCD before ordering the Korg SQ-1, since it does Hz/V as well as V/octave. OTOH, the SQ-1 was on sale, and it does have a sequencer.


Can we all agree to just stop posting on this thread so I don’t keep getting reminded how much I want this stinkbox…?

Oh wait, oops :grimacing:


If it is just for clocking duties then a click from the OT will do the job just fine. Otherwise the CV.OCD is indeed your best bet.


That Mylar guy deserves a sub, I loved his video about the 0-Coast, thanks for sharing !

The epic techno jam I just witnessed confirmed I need myself a DFAM. Good thing I have one on the way :smiley:


The SQ-1 seems pretty ideal for the DFAM. Has reset, can do 16 steps, can turn steps on/off… You’ll be happy with it, I think :slight_smile:


First, sweet jam!

Second (and apologies if it’s already been covered), but WHAT is that stand system!? It looks great and would be perfect for me. Where can I get one?



Cheers for the pointers.
I think I’d want to sequence the little bugger with an external sequencer so I’ll look at the suggested products.
I hate the fact there’s always solutions! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Latest one of my DFAM in action. Recording could be better. TR8S doesn’t sound great run through the OT inputs.


nice groove!
do you have OT mk1 or mk2


Interesting - I ran my tr8 through the DSI filters on toraiz sp16 expecting great things but it was pants. Conversely tr8 through old Kaoss pad can work really well.


OT MKII is what I have


some live improvising with the melodic side of the Moog Dfam and the Elektron Analog Rytm. Nothing was prepared … only thing was the start melody of the Dfam. The vcos get pitch from internal sequencer and have been NOT quantized. The Korg SQ1 sends gate to “Adv” and “Trigger” in from Gate Out A/B and the CV out A/B going to VFC Decay and VCO Decay. providing some nice modulations. On the DFAM patchbay pitch was send to the VCF mod in so you can also track the filter. I woud say “yes this is a very musically synthesizer”

melody: DFAM
drums: RYTM

(please forgive me for low quality … and the simple drum programming)

What I found out during jamming:

  • if you turn velocity all the way down, the trig is still audible! Depending of the vca decay even 2 or 3 or more steps … which give really great accent possibilties! you can move single notes in and out. if you really dont want to play a certan step, you have to deactived the gate signal - as you can do on the sq1. Means the Dfam sequencer waits for the time of the deactived steps … which gives you easy polyrythmic sequences. I also set the sequence of the SQ1 row B to another lenght and all runs in ping pong mode … so also polyrythmic modulations.
  • the fm can sound quite nice! some times it sounds like a thinner pulse wave.
  • the filter sounds amazing and tracks pitch very good (at least to my ear) and I really like the plugie envelops! Not sure how to achiev this with the A4 and its moog style 24 db ladder filter.