i trigger it with a rim shot and that works fine


getting my DFAM totday! Looking forward to try it out with the A4, Pams New Workout and the SQ1.


I did, but ran into early sync issues with it and as a consequence, put it aside for the benefit of getting other stuff done. So I’ve got no proper opinion on this one yet.


Thanks for that man, useful to know.


I have such a hard time refraining myself from buying this… Will probably order sooooon.


Doing a happy dance for you :love_you_gesture:
So cool…
For my modular drums i have a beat step pro…each DFAM osc controlled by a separate track…and the noise volume controled by one of the 8 drum trigs.
With a short punchy decay on the filter and vca so it sounds drumy…

but then i take a split of the 2 oscs (the freq modded 2nd one) and send the higher pitched 2nd osc to a audio damage bit reducer then into a studio electronics SEM filter set to band pass and cutt off is controlled by the DFAM 8 step velocity cv out…then also a split of the lower first osc and send it to a Roland bitraizer with a slow lfo on a high pass filter…

then trigger a dinkys taiko for hi hats…all mixed in mono through a blue lantern sir mix alot…

the dfam sounds like 3 different instruments all playing together…

Have heaps of fun with yours…!


I guess I will do some instant tests again or better say with the BIA from Noise Engeniering. Ultimate Modular Drum Sound Combo? Maybe :wink:
But also looking forward to use the DFAM for melodic stuff. Can imagine the 2 tri osc slightly fming each other can sound kind of detroit technoish.


Interesting. I just found that my SQ-1 sequencer has issues being slaved to it. On the other hand, it is so far doing a great job being synced to a normal analog pulse (I’m using a eurorack). I know that the firmware was upgraded in April, so that might fix your issue.


I’ve had it in so many baskets I reckon I could play ball for the Lakers :joy:

Not in possession just yet though… :triumph:


Ahah !

I just said fuck it and have one unit on the way… :slight_smile:


Anyone using retrigged conditional impulse machine trigs from Rytm to ratchet and advance the DFAM sequencer in a fun and wonky way?


not yet Adam but may be a good idea.

After the first night I can say this is an instant techno machine and you can really get nearly all sort of sounds between drum and synth/bass lead out of it. So things I found out:

  • patch trig out to vco1 cv in for extra click in the beginning
  • patch velocity out to vca cv in for extra volume

But I found the pitch out when send to a quantiser (Ornament & Crime) a bit wonky. I used 1ms trig delay at the O&C to wait for a “stable” pitch to arrive befor quantising but It doesnt quantise to the same note every trig.

I just wished it has some more CV controlls ins … vco env amount for example


I think most of the demos go for the gnarly techno aspect… But would you say it’s suitable for more subtle things?

I’m also very interested in any experiences using it as a melodic synthesizer. Would love to hear your thoughts :slight_smile:


I think it can be very melodic too … but not with the internal sequencer! But if you have an external sequencer like Rene, SQ1 or even the A4 … yes it can. And then you can use the internal sequencer as modulation source.


another cool trick: when triggering the DFAM from external - Pams New Work out for example - you can patch a clock into “adv” for advancing and triggering the sequencer, you can patch another clock or trigger into “trigger” for triggering without advancing the sequener … and you can patch another clock into “run/stop” to run and stop the sequencer from advancing. if you use polyrythmic triggers, this can get some complex :slight_smile:


I will try to get some melodic paraphonic loops recorded…and post em…but i always end up at the devastatingly hansome dirty grimy chunky rhythmic tech…


Thanks, so nice of you! Will be refreshing the page :wink:

And well, if everything done with the DFAM goes towards gritty stuff, that’s pretty telling in itself :slight_smile:


mines scheduled to be delivered within 2 hours. oh boy :slight_smile:


i would imagine this is the first thing anyone would do, surely?


I may be speaking out of my ass, since I haven’t played with one yet but for people so hung up on the 8steps sequencer the answer seems to be in the manual : Your new Drummer From Another Mother (DFAM) is a highly-interactive, Semi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesize {…} DFAM presents a uniquely expressive hands-on approach to percussive pattern creation.

You’re not really supposed to take you hands off it; the 8 steps aren’t so much a limitation in this case, as brilliantly showcased by Mylar :

Of course it is semi modular so it’s wide open for further mangling and sequencing but it is really impressive what comes out of such a seemingly “simple” sequencer.