Very cool.

I don’t plan on going modular. I was about to settle down now. Enjoy the calm and peace of my golden years.

Do not tempt me.


Hey that’s why I suggested the beauty case ! It’s not such a risk (at first).


Received my DFAM yesterday.
It’s my first moog synth and wow, this thing sounds FAT without any effect :open_mouth:
I’m already considering getting a second one :joy:


This is how I’ve set this up now. DFAM and Moog Mother 32 paired. Mother’s VCA goes into DFAM’s Ext Audio, and Mother’s further used to shape the sound for the DFAM. So it’s more a drum synth on steroids than a synth and a drum module paired. I use the Mother for modulation into the DFAM, as well as more defined harmonic percussion.

OP-1 is master sync into Mother, and then it’s all recorded on cue into the OP-1’s tape or sampler, depending on preference.


how does work the unquantized pitch in the DFAM sequencer?? Sounds always musically in all the demos but tune a hole kind of melody with unquantized pitch can be playing like an guitar out of tune I guess … especially with the tiny. knobs. Whats your experiences so far??


It’s fiddly, but it’ll get you there if harmonics is what you want.


Is there a video anywhere of anyone using a Mother plus the dfam’s 2 oscillators as a 3 voice mono synth?


There’s always the option of a CV quantizer. Benn and Gear used a Toppobrillo Quantimator for some of his video that Unifono linked to above.


or sending quantised notes from a beatstep or similar and using the dfam sequencer for modulation etc


yeah was thinking about maybe pairing it up with an sq1.

So now just have to sell my holy machinedrum to found the dfam



Nooo, don’t do that


Whot ? Are you crazy ? Sell the MD. Foolish guy, don’t do dat ! You’ll regret it. Sell other pieces.
I dream of a DFAM, but not at this price !


Spoke with Perfect circuit audio, sounds like moog are trickling units out when they have made enough. Could be looking at end of April now :-/


Anyone tried Pam´s Workout to start the Mother/DFAM internal sequencer?


I will be interested to know as that is how I intend to start and sync DFAM when it finally arrives.
Reading further it could be as simple as using a 1x (or 8x ?) Gate output from Pam into the ADV/CLOCK on DFAM. Then press RUN / STOP on DFAM so it is ready and waiting for Pam’s gate.

If you read about using Mother 32 to sync DFAM it uses an output on M32 that is described as;

CLOCK This outputs a 0 to +5V Clock signal at the internal clock tempo, one pulse per step.


rather than selling the magnificent MD to fund this, maybe look at another option - rent. it would be around $38au i think, per month. not much.




I don´t understand any word, but sounds like instant techno :heart_eyes:


I guess just send pam clock to advance in on the dfam. I also would try to send another gate to trigger in on the dfam … that should give some polyrythmic modulations from the dfam sequencer


Having spent a few weeks with the DFAM now, it reminds me as a drummer more of the Analog Four than anything else, as far as sound goes. You can take the A4 into pretty wicked percussion and drum territory without too much effort, far beyond most analog drummers such as the Tanzbär and its peers, and the same goes for the DFAM.

There are a lot of semi-modular mini rigs out there using the DFAM and the Mother, swearing by the Moog way of doing this and not including other gear. That’s a really nice rig, sounds and looks beautiful and is so hands on, it’s impossible to not make it sound great.

But the A4MKI goes second hand for the same price - usually less - than one brand new Moog module. While I do realise it’s apples and pears, oranges and grapes, the difference in capabilities for the same price tag is just so tremendous, it’s hard to ignore.