I wouldn’t do this upgrade. The smaller knobs clearly distinct them from the actual signal flow of sound creation and as such, when you wanna reach for one or the other, you’re more likely to turn the right knob.

So just the physical visuals alone says, ”This here’s for the sound shaping, but over here, you’re shaping the motion of it.” A clear visual distinction that improves the flow, in my opinion.


Things really opened up for me when I realized that when you do sequence the DFAM externally (and there are many possible ways to do so) you can bypass the DFAM sequencer entirely.


Yes indeed conditional trigs for one take it right beyond the 8 step sequencer .


Here’s my final DFAM-only track, and also my favourite of the three. Time to bring it into the mix with the others.

EDIT: SoundCloud’s messing with me. Stay tuned.

And here we go …


I have to say, DFAM is insanely fun and bizarrely unpredictable in a creative way. I´m hooked!



Here’s one I did doing some live DFAM flex recorder mangling on the OT:


DFAM is sounding very good, just wondering what Perfect Circuit Audio are doing with my back order ;-/


Probably having fun with it themselves :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now that I’m using it with friends, I’ve made a few more traditional bread and butter sounds. Ye good olde kick, them snares, couple o’ hi-hats, and it excels in the more classic department as well. You don’t have to go bonkers with it just because you can, when you just want a damn fine plate of meat and potatoes, the DFAM delivers in that area, too.


What do you think of this little guy to go with the DFAM?


As well as all the cool pattern stuff it can act as a CV sequencer as well, you could have a LOT of fun with DFAM I’d say. Think mod fiesta :wink:
Good intro to modular too, very clever little box, my Pyramid should be worried.


I got a 30% discount on this thing. It’d be a crime not to go for it, no?




In the unlikely event that anyone tries to use the OP-1 to sync the DFAM - which I have - I can tell you that it doesn’t seem to work.

The OP-1 syncs fine with the Moog Mother 32 through use of its 1/16 output clock division, but this same output isn’t picked up by the DFAM. Not to any rate that’s usable, anyway.

I googled around and it seems the OP-1’s output for this purpose, while described by Teenage Engineering as useable for Eurorack, doesn’t work in all contexts. Maybe this is a given for anyone who’s into modular, but for me, it wasn’t so it was a bit of a surprise.

However, syncing the OP-1 with a Moog Mother 32, and then letting the Mother sync the DFAM, works great. So if you’ve got one of those mini rigs going, then this won’t be an issue.

And why the hell would you wanna do this that way, then? Well, here’s my scenario:
So I build a loop in the DFAM. I record it into the OP-1. But I have no idea about the exact tempo output from the DFAM. So I need to beat match the OP-1’s bpm to what comes out of the DFAM, which has proven surprisingly tedious, since the DFAM since to work with very small changes in tempo between each setting. So finding the perfect clock isn’t easy, and if I just knew the exact tempo output from the DFAM when I recorded the loop, then manual syncing in the OP-1 is very easy.

Going through the Mother into the DFAM resolves this, and I’m guessing most musicians don’t use the OP-1 like this anyway (I’ve googled around, the 1/16 output of the OP-1 seems to cause issues here and there, so at least I’m not alone), but in case there is, be aware that the sync output from the OP-1 appears to be too weak to run the DFAM.


Very cool demo


Clever investigation on this andreasroman! You might want to pass this along to Moog. While the problem sounds like it it’s probably the fault of the Teenager, if Mother understands maybe she could teach her DFAM relative, rather than always having to be in the middle of the conversation.


Haha, for sure :blush: further investigations reveal that the OP-1’s sync output is just about 1v, which a Mother can handle but not a Drummer. A slightly inconsequential move from Moog, but it is what it is.



Get a doepfer beauty case and a Pamela’s New Workout and all your sync problems will be gone forever (especially if you take the midi expander as well) + you’ll have 8 hugely flexibles outputs to modulate your DFAM with !

Something like this would be very powerful :


So a hearing aid for DFAM – going deaf i guess – do you have a spare channel on something like Maths, or whatever. It’s basically an op-amp (a non inverting amp) that you need.


Yep. However, I don’t really use the DFAM without the Mother. So in practice, I’ve resolved the issue for me now.