I’d be interested to hear @darenager thoughts on this, you were early on board with drums on the Analog Four. How’s it holding up, do you think, compared to what you’re hearing from the DFAM?


I think the DFAM sounds great, like a new fusion of old drum synths like Synare3/JHS SD-1 and an 8 step sequencer, funny thing though as soon as it was announced I tweeted @moog about releasing it but they gave the impression that it was a moogfest only thing. :wink:

Still, definitely a very different beast from A4 for drums, but I can see why you draw the parallel, they both can take a percussive idea to something quite unique and interesting. I’m a big fan of Werkstatt too, I imagine a couple of those cross patched and under control from A4 CV seq would be an endless source of fun.


that´s what I would like to ask you guys. Did you combined it with an Elektron like the A4? I guess the A4 can give some more power to the DFAM - using the cv outs for gates, lfo, … I would love to here a demo with using Trig in and Adv in indepentendly on the DFAM - Especially with 2 different euclidean rytms it can do pretty much some very cool poly modulations.
And compared to the Doepfer Dark Energy - is the DFAM the better Dark Energy? Or say Dark Energy ++?


Thanks, yeah, that’s what I figured. They’d make an interesting pair, for sure.


Got my DFAM last week and use it as a tabletop device without other eurorack equipment.

The Good:

  • lots of Punch
  • gets deep down and dirty
  • intuitive sequencer
  • 3 envelopes
  • FM for distorted sounds and Hardsync
  • a creative tool for experiments
  • good for unusual sounds

The bad:

  • no MIDI
  • no tap tempo
  • no lfo (well, you can use the sequencer at high speeds …)

The ugly:

  • very hard to tune exactly

For the clock division and MIDI I combine it with a Beatstep pro, which kinda works but isnt great, since many important setups can only be made with Arturias MIDI Setup Software. But whats good: The DFAM starts and stops in Sync with the Beatstep.

Since the tuning is difficult, its good for percussive sounds and drones. For tonal Music (Bass etc.) I can manage to tune it quite good, then sample the sound and make the finetunig in the samplefunction of the DT.

BTW: Its not a good companion for the O-Coast, since the O-Coast sends its clock all the time (I havent found out how to start ond stop both in sync) and it has no clock divider, so the DFAM just plays 1/4 notes


Can’t you send tune from beatstep and patch to VCO 1 CV


was looking at this pairing… or with a mother 32… which i can get for a really good price locally… thoughts on that combo?


Honestly, even though I love the Mother-32, I’d go for the A4. It’s not a Moog, but it really is everything else. Four tracks, fx, sound locks, patch memory, a bunch of CV outs and stuff. There’s just too much on offer to ignore.

However, I’d say it also depends on your workflow. The DFAM is extremely suitable for layering. After I made a few brief demos of just the DFAM on its own, I’m now using it for layered percussion, building tracks with it that contains more or less just the DFAM and a bass and a lead from my Prophet-6. So there’s a kick, a snare, hi-hats and cymbals, clicks and crackles and sparkles and a few toms, all from the DFAM, sounding nothing like an 808 or 909 or even a Tanzbär. Which is great.

So if you’re looking at building sounds and loops with it for recording and then further structure within whatever environment you use, then I’d say go for the Digitakt or the Octatrack with the DFAM. Build something awesome with it, sample it and elaborate on it. Fire and forget, so to speak.

I’m using both the OP-1 and I’m back on the Digitakt for now as well, for this purpose. Despite the DFAM’s eight step sequencer, the organics in this thing breathe so much oxygen into the track that you’d wanna sample a loop at least 4 or 8 times from the DFAM, since there’s so much going on in shifts and shapes, even though it doesn’t even have an LFO.

But if you’re looking for a small live rig, or a compact environment for complete compositions without the need to loop, record and elaborate, and you want the DFAM to pair with something, I’d say whatever you pair it with, make sure it can expand both the DFAM as well as add plenty to the table. We’re talking about a one voice eight step drum synth here, after all. And despite the lovely sound, build quality and interface of the Mother-32, the Analog Four just offers up opportunities when paired with the DFAM, the Mother can’t match. The one thing the A4 can’t do, is sound like the Mother. However much that’s worth to you, only you know.


Now you’ve got me lusting after an a4mk2 :rofl:
do miss my old mk1 so much. Was my first Elektron box.


Haha, sorry mate :blush:


Thanks! I do have an A4 already (and a full dark trinity)… just looking at adding some flair to the mix.

I do mostly record into Ableton via OBridge then make tracks from cutting up the material.

Appreciate the quick response:)


No worries, happy to help.


Hi folks!
here an example of the Moog Dfam and 2xDigitakt, have fun!


Yes that possible, It works, when I set the 0 Volt state to A0 in the Beatstep and then tune the DFAM to A0. Pitch CV and VCO Frequency are added.

BUT: When I check the pitch with an accurate tuner, its a few cents off and very hard to tune exactly, as there is no fine pitch on the dfam. I wish there was less fiddeling with the sensitive Pitch knob.

Does anyone know if its possible to convert MIDI CC to CV with the beatstep? So far (I only have the device for a few days now) I was only able to send gate pitch and velocity and convert it to cv.


Australian distributor rang yesterday to say they finally have some in…mine arrives Tuesday…
PUMPED…cant wait to sample the pants off it with the DT…


Where did you bought it in australia? Have a friend working at store dj in melb.


Mine arrives today in Sydney from Perfect Circuit in US after ordering a little over a month ago. Cheaper from there too


I wonder if that means it will not track properly through out the full octave range even with a quantizer module ?


Greatings fellow citizen

Store DJ QLD…ha! Web site shows QLD and WA are out of stock but… plus 5 in every other store…

Staff discount???


Weak yes perhaps. Another issue that can arise with trigger sync is that the pulse is the wrong shape. The gate time or duty cycle of the pulse may be too long or too short and in the case of old Korg and Yamaha’s they are often inverted

You can tell easily by making a recording of the trigger pulse in your DAW and looking at the waveform. Then you wil know what type of trigger you are dealing with