Anyone planning to integrate the DFAM with their modular?
I was thinking that MI Grids a drum pattern generator might be cool to create bass lines with that sit nicely with a solid kick of course. Or Numeric Repetitor or which I don’t have yet ;/
Guess there is plenty of possibilities like always.



Dealer just called.

Though he did add: “We’re not sure how many we’re getting. And you’re second in line. So you never know. But it’s likely, you’ll get one.”


Yeah I have the same type of response from the place I ordered from. It’s like maybe we will have enough


It’s always like this with Moog, at least over here. You just don’t know until the shipment’s arrived. I’m gonna call it part of the excitement and pretend I like it :slight_smile:


Perfect circuit day coming soon still. They told me maybe mid March.


Musicstore in Germany told me the 16th of March , waiting patiently …


so I woke up to a nice surprise today - dealer email saying they got 3 pieces now.
and it’s my studio day… I got on my bicycle and got one at the store. I’m tweaking as we speak. :star_struck:


Dude! Same here. I’m on the bus right now😊


Be good to hear how you guys are going to sync it. I’ve just been sampling it to OT which is fine but missing out on the tweakery


I’m gonna run it live into the OP-1 for starters, then we’ll just take it from there.


i slaved it to the mother. (mother gate out -> dfam adv / clock)
and mother gets midi clock from whatever.

EDIT: for a regular trigger pulse use the assignable output: setting 2.
but the gate out variety is almost more fun.


Right. My first go at the DFAM. These are only a string of patterns I put together directly from the DFAM, with its own sequencer. Not a song, really, just a few experiments on what it can do.


I’ve got a question here for the more experienced users of the Mother, and now recently the DFAM. I should start by stating the obvious, that I have no idea what I’m doing - and I like it.

So here’s the issue:
Me and a friend of mine picked up a DFAM each yesterday. We went to town with those two and a Mother 32, routing the audio from the VCA to the External Audio in, from the DFAM to the Mother, from the Mother to the second DFAM.

Each time, the signal got a little weaker and at the end of the chain, it didn’t pass for much. The difference between the first DFAM into the Mother wasn’t all that much, but as it passed into the second DFAM, it was too weak to be useful.

I’m pretty sure this is not the way to do it, hence the obvious that I have no idea what I’m doing.

But how does one go about doing this? Is an external mixer for each and one of them the way to go here, or is the intention that you can route audio from one unit to the other, without a mixer to boost the signal? If so, what goes where? As I mentioned, VCA out into a Mother or DFAM works fine, but as you keep on doing this, the signal losses strength each time, so this doesn’t seem to be the intended way to play audio through multiple Moog semi-modulars at the same time.

Thanks for any help and shout-outs in advance.


Ok, so I’ll reply to my own question, since I believe I’ve found the answer elsewhere now -

To anyone it might help - it seems, people go for one of two options. Either each module out, into its own input into a mixer - or they actually do route the VCA through the External Audio In, which is cool if you wanna route stuff through all the envelopes and filters and stuff, but not so cool if you don’t want to.

I’m still having issues with the weak signal when I’m doing this, but I guess I’m just really bad at this whole semi-modular stuff :slight_smile: that’s okay, though, I mean pretty good tacos and we’re having those for dinner tonight, so no worries, we’re all good here.


At this point, I wanna bring in @darenager into the mix - literally :slight_smile:

Do you build mixers that might work for the purpose of just combining a bunch of Moog modules into one coherent audio signal?

Like that one you made for the Volcas, awhile ago? The passive part, not requiring an AC adapter or stuff, is part of the appeal here. Just a way to route all Moog modules into one place, without the need for sliders, knobs, cords and stuff.


@andreasroman sure - take a look at my ebay page here:

If you have any questions or whatever let me know :wink:

Can sell direct to save a bit on postage as ebay global shipping can be a bit pricey.


Thanks :blush:if you had two Moog Mothers and a Moog DFAM and wanted an individual out per Moog into one of these beauties, which one would you recommend?


I think after some more time getting used to ‘throwing patches’ you’ll work it all out.

By design this series was meant to be combined to make up two or three tiers. I wonder what Moog support has to say.


Short and painful, dedicated to my dear old mum who is in hospital with a broken leg.


I’d probably use the 4 channel one, nice and simple, it is probably the most popular one that I do, I use 3 of them myself in my own setup for submixing and as a mult for my eurocrack. Obviously being passive you do not get any additional gain as you would on an active mixer, so in the case of 3 devices the total level of each would be one third of what it would be if it was directly connected, however the gain is easily made up at your recording device. They are 10k impedance for industry standard summing without loading on audio gear, the mixing is done using precision resistors which are matched by hand, you cannot connect directly to headphones without some kind of pre-amp as headphone impedance is typically in the sub 500 ohms range.

Feel free to PM me if you are interested or if you have any other questions :wink: