I don’t know I don’t have an OT, I was just making a reference to this vide :
There’s a passage where he shows the click track


Did anyone try to trigger it with an Acidlab Drumatix ?


I’d like to know this too. But I’m assuming it’ll work. Would be a killer combo!


yes it most definitely would be :slight_smile:


LOVE mine and would buy again instantly if I accidentally spilled motor oil on it. I also bought the 2 tier bracket to stack Mother-32 above it which is key if you have a Mother. I don’t feel limited by the 8 steps as I have other equipment to modulate and control it besides the Mother… namely 0-Coast. That said, it’s probably not for everyone and I strongly suggest testing one out extensively before GAS.


Just been sampling DFAM into OT. Absolute blast.


At 24bit I hope :wink:


For sure


Vid or it didn’t happen :slight_smile:

Here’s mine making some noise.


@MichalHo dealer’s pretty confident I’m getting mine next week now. What about you?


I’ve had mine a couple of weeks, I’m really enjoying it. For now I’m sampling into OT, need to get it synced up when I’m home. I have an ehx 8 step which may do the job. Who has a mother 32 and is it the best option to pair with DFAM? Haven’t had a chance to try but the sequencer seems a bit clunky?


sent him an email now…

@Francis the M32 sequencer takes a bit of getting used to (re-checking the manual often for button combos), but it’s quite versatile and once you get the hang of it, it’s quite a good choice for live/impro situations.


Isn’t this going to cause phase cancelation as frequency sum together? (Genuinely curious and not sure if it would… been thinking of putting 2 mono synths into DT too)


No idea😊but it’s worth a shot.


It’s clunky, not always intuitive, but it’s funky and surprisingly deep. It’s definitely part of the Mother’s appeal.


Just like me.




32 or TR8s is a conundrum, but I may lean to the mother 32 for integration with dfam.


Retailer says two weeks… meh. Think they’re serving Sweden first, haha… guess I‘ll survive.


We’ll believe it when we see it. I haven’t got mine yet😊