Monomachine Love Thread


The Monomachine is sexy enough in silver, but I do really like that black’n’red style. Daamn.

Fun little experiments continue - I had planned on doing a little crossover action with the Monomachine and A4 where the A4 did drums and effects for the MM. But I didn’t like the drum sounds I came up with on the A4 (tried, perhaps with too much ignorance, to make my own). So I started tinkering with Monomachine again, initially doing just a kick based on the SID machine. And then remembering the Dataline “Monomachine Workflow” video I remembered that you could use the different waveforms on SID as kind of a cheap ‘sound lock’ and soon after accidentally coming up with a good hi hat sound while trying to make a snare, I had a complete drum kit on one track in short order that sounded better than my A4 attempts.

Also found the fun of turning track 6 into a Dynamix Compressor FX track on channel AB so everything runs into it. Using AMP trigs on the compressor track has opened up a whole new world of fun and evil sound design (suddenly able to make some nice fake sidechains and other volume stutters) while adding some really nice texture to the whole thing. Feed that into a taste of A4 overdrive and reverb: :love_hotel:



Cool experiment, I do practice same combo (MnM/A4) to enhance my last gig (the MnM replace the MD). The MnM produce the rythms and A4 the other sounds.
I didn’t realised sooner that MnM could be a really decent (glitchy) drum machine.


the funny knobs on the Machinedrum. i laugh my ass off :slight_smile:


Monomachine is my best machine and i will take it to the grave. Such an amazing instrument! Each time i sit down to make some music i always end up using the MM no matter which synth i start to fiddle with. It´s like an itch, just gotta scratch it!

If elektron would make a new and improved version of it i would get that too. hoping, dreaming That would be wicked!


same here. i didn’t used the MnM for months. i pulled it out from under my bed yesterday, laid down on the bed and pulled some cool dub techno style chords out of the Mono for at least two hours. i was really amazed once again, for what things the Mono is capable of.


I did a whole track recently using only the Monomachine. Well, almost only - I ran it through the A4 for some reverb, a touch of overdrive, and some occasional LFO filtering on the whole output. Initially I was going to try and do drums on the A4 but I found it easier to do them with the SID machine on the Monomachine.

I tried some new tricks this time that just increased my love for :elmm: even more.

  • keeping all patterns to 16 steps (or less) for easier pattern jumping and for aggressive parameter locking without running out of p-lock memory.
  • loaded in some of the Adventure Kid Single Cycle waveforms and primarily used those to build the song (along with a SID machine drum track and eventually a VO voice track). Had some fun dynamically switching between waveform banks.
  • routing all tracks into a Dynamix compressor on track 6 that was triggered by the drum track (or manually), using P-Locks to get some sudden volume ducking and/or stuttering.
  • Using Darenager’s ‘karplus strong on monomachine video’ as influence I finally learned a bit about using semi-tuned super-short high-feedback delays, and that has opened up a whole new palette for me.
  • Man I love that you can parameter lock every single LFO setting. In absence of micro-timing and conditional trigs, the power of sequencing every aspect of those 3 LFOs on any given step is a killer feature.

I would dearly love this sound engine with the A4’s sequencer and performance features.

(Edited to add - ha! I forgot that I wrote about this same stuff at end of October. If still feels like I just finished this song but I guess it’s actually been a few weeks now.)


:elmm: :heart_eyes:


Sounds inspiring. Any chance you could post a link in the Our Music section, please?


It’s coming… at some point :slight_smile: This work is part of an album that’s still in progress. It’ll be free on Bandcamp and I’ll definitely share links to it when it’s ready.

There is this Instagram post from the track while it was in development:


Please do so! Sounds really nice :thup:


Finally! It’s here. I’ll post about this in ‘Our Music’ as well. This track is done and composed entirely on Monomachine. Initially done as an exercise in loading some new waveforms (some various Adventure Kid waveforms - one of the FM sets ended up being the main one used), it grew into this beat driven somewhat ambient work. The “SID drum machine” trick has produced some of my favorite drum sounds (and patterns) that I’ve ever recorded and routing everything into a drum-triggered (and independently lockable) compressor effect track helped provide some additional flavor, including some stutter and stop effects.

The Monomachine is run through an Analog 4, primarily for the reverb and a touch of overdrive. Recorded pretty straight out of the A4, with only some minor post-processing dynamics added.


I love it ! It’s the kind of sounds I try to reach.
Well done sir !


Yeah, same here - well done! A great demonstration of the MM depth and it´s strenghts (as well as yours!). Very inspirational for me so thanks. :slight_smile:


I think Im going to focus my MM only for pad-sounds… holy shit what a monster it is when you going in polymode, fix with the tuning, envelopes and swipe the filter along with a great external reverb

Anyone got any tips and tricks for good pads? :elmm:


My MnM has been sat in a cupboard for the last few months. Must get it out and start using it again at some point soon. Definitely using external reverb though. The thing of having to trigger the reverb doesn’t compute for me. :slight_smile:


I love my Monomachine. With that said, it rarely actually ends up on any songs on which I’m working. I sold one after a year and then bought another one a month later. I like @LFOKringlan idea for using it just for pads, though, and I’m thinking that I can probably get some album usable material in that regard. Damn. I guess I should get on that.


You can get some really great results with good trigger placement and plocked parameters on the reverb. Definitely worth the effort to learn.


i’ve been doing some work ‘behind the curtains’ and this should be available pretty soon :grin: (posting here as well just in case). i’ve implemented some new features which should bring a bit more fun compared to the previous version :control_knobs:
questions, comments and feedback are more than welcome (i know…comments? feedback? for a picture?! wt…?! :open_mouth: :laughing: )

edit: …aand yess! the :elmm: is still a great machine! :smiley: