Monomachine Love Thread


Ahhhh! So sorry to hear that. I love my mono so much I am buying @Ryan’s as a back up and to get access to all the delicious mKII goodies. I got mine the year they came out and have gigged with it so many times that I started to worry about what I would do if mine ever did die. Don’t think I could live without it😿


Ryan will be crying soon.


Your trick was killer - literally :space_invader:


Exactly !

Now cool thing is I managed to save one sample of the cool arp in the OT, and crafted something nice out of it :slight_smile:


This is pretty freaking on the arp.

I don’t understand the mapping but it’s sound like an sh101 doing it’s analog thing off into space, and changing progressively.

Anyone now what the multi ch setting are doing what and why?

I’m on track 4 sid
Base ch 1
Span 3
Multi trig 4
Multi ch 5

Set the seq to
Spd 2
3 oct
Jump 1

Also now :mono midi seq on channel 4 changing track 4 back in the synth pages


Nice thread yall


Hey LyingDalai, what about your MnM ?
Is it alive ?


Thx for your concern, l’ami :slight_smile:

It’s kind of alive, the zombie mode alive.
@Simon told me to check the connectors, that it was most likely something very light.
But I unplugged and replug 3 times each connector, and still have all the LEDs on and a blank screen.

So I guess the MM is going to do a little trip to Sweden :sweat:


Sorry for you guy. Sad news.
Did you write to mother ship. Maybe they could give you a kind of secret procedure to reboot with a specific cobination of buttons ?


I already tried them all. Couldn’t hack it.
Damn zombie, it ain’t answering anything so far.
Sometimes, Synthesis+Filter+Track 1+Track 2 are not lit. Sometimes they are.


finally got round to arp’ing the bbox… on my god - so much fun and finally understand the sequencer within a sequencer line. what a machine!


The moment you turn the monomachine on, press play, start turning a few knobs and entirely new and unplanned patterns start emerging. I really don’t think that there is another synth quite like it. As frustrating it can be (for me) to get specific sounds out of it, so much stuff just emerges from it that’s incredible fun.


the dream is real!


Looks so futuristic under its plastic shell - like an alien egg ready to hatch.


love the flipped lcd screen colors



After some time sitting down with more recent gear acquisitions (:elot: and :elan: especially), I’m finally back to my beloved Monomachine. Current plan is to try and do a song with just Monomachine and Analog 4 (for drums) and trying to stay at 16 beats (or less) per pattern and just see what I can make. But the other main reason I pulled out the Monomachine again is I’ve been itching to start playing more with the DigiPRO machines with a bunch of the Adventure Kid Waveforms.

Combining some of those Adventure Kid FM waveforms with the Monomachine Karplus-Strong technique and parameter-locking the hell out of the LFO settings is - once again - reminding me why this machine is so special.


…and this is just one of those… :grin:


woop! my work here is done.


Ah yes, the Nord Monomachine, love those.