Monomachine Love Thread


Just forward the trigs of the track you’re processing to the reverb, and enjoy all the extra goodies that come with the additional track (filters, delay, gain staging, LFOs, etc.). Additional sequencing/locks optional. This capability is among my favorite things about the MnM and to me seems to be one of the best tricks to getting those lush, evolving textures out of it.


And then playing with mutes drastically changes the sound… Oh yes, how deep/fun is this Monomachine !


very nice!


I know my way around it fairly well. It’s more a case of having lots of other options in my home studio. :slight_smile:


Really strong Aphex Twin vibes on this one. Nice work!


Agree… I recently splurged on a nice reverb and although I love the sound of it, it’s unexpectedly making me appreciate my cheap/“bad” reverbs more. It’s nice to have that variety of flavors.


I’m not short of different reverbs. :slight_smile:





Thanks, @lionstone!


it’s out…yesterday :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

it would be much appreciated if those of you that use it, could give some feedback on this one :slight_smile:


Can anybody explain midi mode? If i were to purchase a sp-404sx sampler could i use the mono midi mode to trig samples, while still playing the 6 built in mono tracks? On a sidenote can anyone give me a very simple explanation of hpf and lpf tracking and in what instance i should turn this on or off?


Yes to your first question midi and audio tracks function separately


the MnM key tracking thingy is a sweet tool. you can apply any parameter to it and it will change it over 128 steps on the midi keyboard. HPF and LPF are default locked in parameters.

“The Key Tracking is connected to the note index from the last key pressed. For example, if C-1 was pressed, the key tracking value will be low, and if C-8 was pressed it would reach almost its maximum value.
There are two additional parameters on the Key Tracking controlling if the high pass and/or low pass filter should automatically track the pitch. See page 30 for more information on the filter.”

so the higher up you go on the keyboard the higher the HPF, so it’s shaving off lower frequencies.

turn it on or off to the taste of what sound you’re trying to achieve.


at last i understand what keyboard tracking is.


The six midi tracks are mostly separate from the six audio (synth/fx) tracks. I think it’s only the Machinedrum where the MIDI sequencing tracks can be interspersed with the regular tracks.

There is one thing that the midi and internal tracks share though: LFOs. So if you were using all three LFOs in your sound design in Monomachine (Internal) Track 1, then you can’t use any LFO on MIDI track 1. With three LFOs it’s rare to run into this - you can use 2 LFOs on the internal track and use LFO 3 for MIDI, for example.

Other than that, the MIDI tracks are completely separate.


Oh really ? I didn’t know that !

In the same time I was surprised MM could run 36 LFOs !


I dont mind there being minimal/no editing capabilities from my mono to sampler. However i would just like to be able to sequence sample trigs/ even full patterns in midi mode. So like maybe a field recording/flute sample or maybe even a pattern that lasts an entire 16 steps or more if that makes sense?


so basically if you play low with keytracking on its assumes you want the higher freqs shaved and if you play high it assumes you want the lows shaved? I feel like there would be a lot more flexibility with the tracking off. i might not be getting it but how im visualizing it is the tracking assumes a higher frequency should have less body/mids and lower end?


well yeah, but the default mode is both ON, so theres initially theres already lot of shaving going on any machine you load up.
turn both off, enjoy all the frequencies