Monomachine Love Thread


Word up, my friend!


trying this out today:
any machine really. out set to CD. cable from cd into a eurorack filter input. or you can do ab/cd for extra grit.

analog filtering of the monomachine back into a reverb machine, A input. if you like ,reverb can be set to Trig machine above/output machine.

monomachine seems to love the A-103 ems/system 100 doide low pass :elmm: :heat:


adding some :elmm: love to the heap here.

there’s always new ways of using to explore; from processing external gear, triggering multiple tracks, multi trigging, importing insane waveforms, LFO layering… it goes on and on. such an epic machine that always inspires.

let me balance that with some spoilt cynicism.

using the rytm has left me gagging for trig conditions and micro timing in the :elmm:

if we see a digitaktesq synth i’m sure these will be included. which leaves me wondering if i’ll want to swap or whether the :elmm: will retain unique features that make it so special. I can’t imagine it’s replacement will have 6 outs but if there’s the same synth engines and fresh functionality it’s gonna be a hard call.


to cure GAS -monomachine into AR, quick sample over overbridge in ableton, crop sample/clip - pull clip straight into sds drop and into AR. There you go a monomachine in the ar, and trig cons.
Takes less than 60 secs.


But then I lose a channel on rytm and all the magic of the mnm


any arp tricks or tips? can’t get any running that i end up working with…


can someone explain multi env. (press up and down at same time on edit) i cant seem to get any audible differences and cant find anything online on this even the manuals confusing


If you make a patch using multiple tracks but trigered from one track, multi env will effect all tracks at once. If that makes sense.


try this.


cheers will do


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but it doesn’t record in 96khz?!?

i kid, i kid. it’s a pretty fantastic piece of kit.


I started out with the A4 and then traded it for a MnM. The two years I had the A4 the sounds I built were always kinda garbage(there were a couple DECENT ones) after I played around with the MnM something clicked and now that I’m reunited with an A4 again, the sounds I’m making(I feel) are significantly better. Also, the FM potential of the A4 sorta makes sense to me

Thank you Monomachine for your guidance on the way to synthtopia!


I’m many days into practicing for upcoming live set of :elmd: and :elmm: (with a tiny bit of octatrack and circuit but the silver sweethearts are the starts of the show). In tonight’s recording of the rehearsal, I found ghosts in my Monomachine as she seemed to be playing extra tracks and layers that I didn’t do! Or didn’t remember that I did. But they were all well integrated into the song!

Turns out - I think - that some of the LFO and sequencing tricks I’ve picked up here and there were really paying off on some patterns that I let repeat a couple more times tonight than usual.

Or she just really has a shiny silver soul. :heart:


A couple days ago I sampled a lot of monomachine, via the AR @24 bit, AR analog compressor, in To ableton.
The I dropped some monomachine cut ups back into the AR.
The monomachine samples Just sound amazing with AR overdrive and filters.


Yesterday evening, while jamming with a friend, my Monomachine was acting very strangely.
Like no sound when arp was on.
Or if I was trying to while live recording.

So today I took the time to investigate what was the problem.
I made two discoveries, and they are not minor to me.

In GLOBAL > CONTROL > MIDI CHANLS there are quite a few parameters which I don’t understand all.
I remember I had very awkward behavior with arps when not setting CHANNEL SPAN, for instance.
But here, I figured I had been using MULTI MAP CHANNEL instead of AUTO TRACK CHANNEL.
The later makes it possible to play the track from an external keyboard, which I always do.
But MULTI MAP CHANNEL makes it possible to play the sequence from the start, each time you hit a key, with the new pitch set by this key !
Not working on BBOX for some reason, but I’m so glad to find one of OP-1 sequencer hidden in my MM !!

So I’ve been playing with it for a while, trying to record some decent lines and sampling it in the OT.
At some point, some incredible arp was playing (with Space enhancing the MM sound, it was lovely).
Took me some time to understand I had set the ARP to SID, and I was in poly mode…
Every chord I had been playing was adding to the sequence of the ARP, while the Monomachine sequencer was not running !
So weird and beautiful…

I fell in love again with this incredible machine. :heart_eyes:
If you love it too, get a decent reverb on its back, it gives it wings !


Are you saying that you can program a sequence, then transpose it via your keyboard and it plays the whole sequence in that key?


Yes, this exactly !!
So great !

Weird thing : while I was writing the above love letter, it suddenly died.
Now I can boot it back, it stays all lights on, I cannot even access test mode. :sob:


Wait, your MnM is dead? That’s insanely depressing.


Not dead yet. There is light, so there is hope.
But this is very stressful for sure !