Monomachine Love Thread


this thread has inspired me to back into the monomachine. for the first time i have used song mode - its pretty cool. i tired to make a little intro/jam this morning:

its cool how in the song mode you can mess with the all the parameters, without worry of overrider the kits…


Dumb tricks I learned over the past few days:

  • Lots of power in the Digipro DDRW machine when applying LFOs to wave selection, etc.
  • Also fun when having a long envelope on a Digipro DENS with a single trig in the pattern to use an LFO to select its wave. I have a pattern with the FM machines running a bit wild and a single DENS note hitting with this trick to provide a different long tonal chord every time through.

I’ve been having fun with the MDUW making some really crunchy beats with the E12 machines and using resampling to run half the bar in reverse (and using a slight bit of LFO to nudge its pitch and start point each time) and have made some pattern chains on the two machines that I can just let loop and it fills my little cave with magic.

I have named my Monomachine “Sylvia”.


That’s a good MnM name!


One of the best uses I’ve seen of this is @Veets trick to use custom waveforms and LFO cycle through them to achieve sine width modulation:

It’s a great sound.

Also, it’s quite widely known but I don’t think Tarekith’s MM tips document has been mentioned in this thread:

It’s a compilation of loads of tips and tricks and there’s masses of interesting stuff to try with the :elmm:.


I like using SID machine Sync mod set to previous channel quite a lot. Say bass on 1 and a pwm pad on 2, bring in pad before bass, then when the bass comes in the pad will shift tonally and compliment it in a different way.


Honestly after all these yrs I’ve never really used the track trig function and just went from track to track, Indy layering,

but just did the track trig thing this morning and it’s greaayttttt
In essence stack up 2 machines together in sync creates a whole new world of machines.

Thanks to everyone for Pointing this out
One never stops learning new things on the monomachine


What is this thing you’re saying?


just simply setting up one track to trig the other in sync - never really bothered with that.
and using say, track one to trig track two, and then track two to trig track one. Then two different arps from track 1 and 2, trigging each other. Then just for kicks i starting trigging track one from the midi machine with another arp on random.

normally just record tracks by themselves or just make one rack copy and paste into the next track and change the machine.


@Orwell is talking about the TRIG POSition setting in the TRIG TRACK menu. See page 40 of the manual. Prepare for your mind to be (further) blown by the MM’s capabilities.


@Orwell @PeterHanes thanks, guys.

I love this forum <3 :cb:


a thread on trigs and a generative approach


I’m so glad Elektron appears to be steering back to digital. Their analog series was great, but I think they’ll be able to make their machines much deeper in digi-land


if you ever record an example of this i’d be interested in hearing it.


i cannot wait to try this! thanks


When muting the support track of a linked track, the latter plays its own notes.
Otherwise, support track notes have priority.
So you can have a lot of variations with such trick.


thanks I was finding that the case!

its also cool to move the track trig to different tracks or switch it off for a bit and then on!!

so what about tracks trigging each other? doesnt seem like there’s a rule or priority.


Yes, with pleasure, as soon as I finish something listenable, if it happens some day ! :grinning:

The thing I wanted to say was that using the Pyramid with Monomachine offers lot of configurations, because it’s a combination of a simple sequencer with lot of goodies (trigless trigs, LFO and triglocks, tric track, multitrig) handle by an external powerfull sequencer. So you have 3 levels of sequences : arp, 6 tracks sequencer and over all Pyramid.
So if you consider all MnM abilities you can imagine all possible combinations : that give you a powerfull synth. MnM sequence abilities are empowered by fx and polyrythm/polymeters and scales of the Pyramid.


100% agree with this. Different sounds require different settings. If you keep filter tracking off all the time you are missing a lot of what the mono has to offer!


Monomachine + Digitakt would be such a good combination. I can’t get that thought out of my head.


I wouldn’t say no to an analog filter but digi-land deepness is what I desire.