Model:samples suitable for my 5 y old son?

My son (now 5) really likes messing with my Circuit and Circuit Mono Station. Mashing pads and twirling knobs is pretty easy there.

This is BS just give the kid an 808 and a 303, no need to beat around the bush you might as well raise a kid of culture :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Im a bit conservative and wouldnt spoil kids with sequencers and samplers at that age. you have to train their ears, handcoordination and patience for training first. So I would go for an acoustic drumset, a piano or a violin first. Electronic instruments should come second, when they grow older, otherwise they will never learn to be patient to train and become good at it.

and they need a proper teacher too, so Id recommend lessons for that instrument.

sorry to crush the party


You sound tons of fun :wink:


So I would go for an acoustic drumset, a piano or a violin first. Electronic instruments should come second

My eldest has been playing the Celtic harp from age 4. Now 10, she should be ready for an Octatrack soon.


I understand
I am not choosing an instrument with / for my son and daughter
They just always see me playing Electronic music, and want to join. This doesnt work on 2 analog elektron boxed. So this is our family livingroom music set
We play guitar, piano, listen to all kind music, and have fun.


so why dont you let them join you? just plug an extra keyboard in an let them play one voice each…

just look at her happy face at the age of four and now try to get that happy face with offering her an octatrack at that age and reading her the handbook, chapter by chapter before bedtime …


That thing needs a serious gigbag :rofl:

I love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m a firm believer that every kid will rebel against their parents. This is the perfect tactic, Celtic harp one day, the next she’ll be dropping grime tracks.

I jest of course, I seriously wanted to learn an instrument but my sister brought home a clarinet from school & my Dad (god rest his easily angered soul) swiftly banned musical instruments from the house. All the twiddling around I’ve done since on electronic instruments has been a rebellious response to my Dad, that & I’m too lazy to learn something ‘proper’.

Wouzer, test those parental skills with a drumkit :-).


I think Volvo make some nice ones :slight_smile:

“Dad, what’s a compact flash card”?

What about an omnichord?

Something modular (0-coast/ Volca/ TE) seems like a fun starting point as well. :slight_smile:

How clever your dad was to bring you to electronic music this way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I actually have a Volvo (V50). The harp doesn’t fit in the boot! We have to use the big 7 seater S Max if we’re bringing it and the 3 kids anywhere. Sometimes I wish she’d taken up the tin whistle instead.

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I do
Now they can also make music together and on their own

My kids (5 and 7) enjoy the volca beats and sample . . . patterns usually turn into a wall of noise, but it’s an inexpensive way to get them into xox sequencing.

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what a great gift
You probably have started something there for that child.

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Happy to hear about the kids playing guitar and such. Lessons for instruments, especially violin (ears) and piano (polyphony, harmony) will pay dividends for life. Rhythm is everything. So some experience with drumming or at least continually pointing out the two and four is critical. Children only have the chance to learn this at five years old once. Thanks for procreating, you seem cool.