Model:samples suitable for my 5 y old son?

When my kid was five he used to bash around on Volca’s and rip the knobs off my Microkorg while he’d tweaked some insane latched arpeggio sound. Bored after 30 mins.

He’s now nine - he samples his voice into the OP-1 and creates fart and vomiting sounds to speed them up and slow them down because - well that’s what kids really like but… bored after 30 mins.

I gave him an intro to the Digitakt - not interested - did like the flashing lights and how it sounded though.
Bored after 30 mins.

Then one day my Organelle arrived and his eye’s lit up. No he’s not patching in PD haha - but he likes it because it’s weird - and shiny blue - with wooden buttons - with a sneaky little screen. Not bored at all - but it’s MINE!!!

A couple of years back I got him a LittleBits Synth kit because it married two of his favourite worlds in a weird way - making wacky noises and building blocks (Lego = fave thing). He’s totally into connecting things together to create new stuff - the more cables the better. Bored after 30 mins - sent it back.

Recently he has gotten into DJ desks / gear because he can add songs that he likes and rip 'em up… It’s immediate - noisy, flashy, etc… I think this is something a lot of younger kids DO like. I really don’t like all that kind of gear so if he get’s some kind of DJ hardware for Christmas this year it’s going to be a very painful selfless act on my part.

I think if you wanna buy synth / sampler stuff for young kids - you have to admit you’re buying it mostly for yourself.


+1 for this for kiddos

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That’s a nice design. I’m tempted to buy it and keep it stored away until my son is old enough to play it with me.

I also recommand circuit for kids. My daughter play with it since she is 3 years old and really enjoy it (she’s 5 now).

The thing is…The reason he found out how Garage Band works is because the constant changing screen is keeping it interesting for him.
Give him Model Samples and he’s looking at a white panel that never looks different. That gets boring for kids. But hey! It’s nice to be able to borrow his MS as he will never ask for it after 1 hour exploring. Thinking of it, I should give my son an Octatrack… :smile:

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Never underestimate kid’s ability of learning things. If you don’t mind put the money on M:S, go for it. You have to be open minded too that you take a big risk he break’s it in the same day but it can happen to you to.

Anyway, if you buy the M:S and he like’s it you gain a lot. Your kid will have something to have fun with, you will be happy to see you kid having fun, you can have more time with him jamming, you have found something to keep him away from the tablets, phone or tv screen, etc etc. The advantages, you name it!

If he don’t likes it, it could be for you the M:S.

Any way, i’ll always prefer buy this type of things to a kid than a playstation or tablet


Daddy loves the model:samples (10x more than expected)

Son likes it, slowly understands some buttons
In 3 weeks a dato duo will be places next to it
This dato duo clearly makes sense. No words but pictos, no menu’s, lot of colours and build to play together. Well done!

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definitly circuit.
those colors are more interesting :smiley:

Easily the Circuit, it is amazing what it can do and the scale functions work really well for this.

I think Model:Samples might be too complicated. For drums, a Roland TR-8 would be pretty kid friendly. For a synth, something like a Korg Monologue would be inexpensive, and a good way to learn about synthesis. Also the sequencer is fun. Get him both, rent out a warehouse, and have a rave birthday party.

This looks neat if he’s not taking to the M:S.

The older Korg DS-10 is cool too.

Definitely get him an octatrack


“Yes sweety, this is really the perfect toy for m… euh the little one. “

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Be careful. This was my twin daughters when they were 2 1/2, doing a mini Orbital with a Korg Monotron Duo

They’re 6 now and have 36U eurorack setups each*


not factually accurate


I m based in NL too. I didn t know Dato but i think i know the girl in the assembly picture on their homepage… will have to ask her about it next time i meet her!

Maybe a used MPC wouldnt be that bad? Load it with fun usable samples and bits of songs he likes. Then much can be done by just pressing rec and hitting pads.

Used is the key word here. If he doesnt get hooked, just sell it and try something else. Won’t cost that much extra in the long run. Aim for products that has been around for a while so you can sell for almost what you gave

Try to not let your own GAS weigh in on the decisions.

Depending on your kid’s interest : more melodical or technical?
Back in the late 80’s my father gave me his Sh101, I was 8 (thanks again dad for the best gift of my life!)
Loved it, but after hours and hours realized I couldn t play chords. Sounded too much basic for me, needed more types of sounds, and really wanted to PLAY music, not only feeling like an engineer, even if I liked it a lot (well that was before plugging my sh101 in my guitar amplifier with full distortion :smiley: )
A synth (don t remember its name) simulating real instruments and synthetic sounds were the good one for me.

All these personnal memories to say one thing: your kid’s interest and “abilities” can be a good way to decide wich kind of stuff you get for him.

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dato duo is super fun. i got to visit five g music in tyoko on a family trip and my 9 year old feel in love with the duo. back before monotribes got expensive i grabbed him and i one off ebay for 100$ and i’ve got a couple pocket operators but he got way more into the duo than he has anything else.