Model:samples suitable for my 5 y old son?

my son loves music
he found out how to work with garageband on Ipad
he loves Ipad and he loves Garageband (and he understands it better than I do. Pretty cool app, didn;t expect it to be like that).
He also loves MS20 (Ipad) and some korg fm synth I have on Ipad. Smpler is too complicated (also for me, never understood that app).

But he wants to make music with me on real machines

Unfortunately the digitakt is too complicated for him. MPC live way too complicated and A4 MK2 even more complicated.

What do you think? Good idea to buy Model:samples for my 5 y old son?

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There are some cool machines (mainly kickstarter) for children that I guess are more suited as a beginning with hardware synth music. Even some of them that can be played together with you. I guess this is something children enjoy most.
On the other hand… A good excuse to get a model samples


You mean this one?

@pmoldzio was faster than me :smile:


M:S is way too complicated for a five year old, and really expensive too. Maybe just some iPad app? Or some traditional instrument?

I feel like with M:S, or with most of electronic devices most of the time would be spent trying to make some sense out of the interface instead of being creative and/or musical.

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The UI is definitely not something I’d recommend for a 5 year old

If used to the iPad maybe get a controller like the launchpad?

Or the korg Bluetooth controllers for gadget

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thank you avantronica :slight_smile: the word ‘suitable’ does make sense :slight_smile:

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i know this Dato Duo, it is dutch (and I am from holland)
it is nice.

so too complicated.
hmm, thank you
but not what I wanted to hear, I thought ‘I buy something with my wife for our child, and then I can play with it all the time’


the truth comes out! :slight_smile:


Just recently gifted a pocket operator (PO-12 to be precise) to my friends kid. And she loved it and did not stop using it…although she is 9 years

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Novation circuit? Volcas?

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I would get him the Pocket Operator Po-33. It’ll allow him to sample his surroundings (like all of his noise-making toys?), and I’m sure he’ll have blast :slight_smile:

Get a pocket operator or two along with the cases. Those things are perfect for kids

In my opinion and experience, those “synth for kids” things aren’t all that great.

What does seem to be great are “knobby” synths with keys that allow direct control over most parameters. This allows them to be played directly and it invites experimentation.

Minikeys work much better than full-sized keys for obvious reasons.

A sequencer is nice, but it’s apparently more fun when the steps can be manipulated directly.

Think of something like the Korg Monologue of the new Minilogue XD.

Kids love sampling, but be aware that this will mostly be used as a gimmick to speed things up and slow things down because it’s funny. It doesn’t seem to invite much music making.

Drum machines are most fun if they have pads.

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My son has fun with a po:speak. You know, that you can talk into it and make funny voices. I would not invest too much money at first into synths for 5 year olds. Today this is cool, tomorrow that.


Oh yeah. I would recommend something you know you’ll use yourself that your kids are allowed to play on as well.

I’d second the Novation Circuit. My 5 year old daughter who has no interest in music, loved to play on it. She actually came up with some pretty cool stuff accidentally.

If your son can use GarageBand, he will fly on the circuit! Just might need your help importing samples!

Good luck.


TE Modular looks suitable for a child