Model:Samples Feature Requests Thread


Really need a scrolling sample title option. Or just reduce the font size. I’m all for big chunky fonts but not when I can’t see what I’m loading.

Anyone notice the the right side port is threaded? Other side is a barrel jack. Really curious as to what they intend to do with these beyond the battery pack.


A menu that displays the values of two parameters while editing would be nice for when you are way into it. It’s really weird to do right now.

A timeout that goes to main page from any of the sub menus. Maybe an optional timer would be nice.

Mainly things to make it even better to use in improvisational situations.

Adjustable velocity sensitivity on the T pads (I’ve had to turn on FVel so I’m not bashing the pads)

The ability to assign the touch sensitivity on the T pads to something other than velocity - like retrig rate or any of the parameters (pitch, cutoff, reverb send, etc)



Sample locks = Elektron listened and now this is possible! Awesome :clap:

Still needed

Attack on AMP ENV

Increase to 96khz sample rate.

  • 1 for the song mode!


Thaat!!! Would be an incredible feature and spare someones LFO for other stuff…

  • re-sampling

  • graphical sample editing (start/endpoint…)


Recording using retrigs in real-time is horrible, unless you’re pressing super hard the volume dips and you can barely hear it. I love recording hi hats using note repeat, but without accurate velocity it’s pointless.


excellent suggestions




Retrig timing as lfo destination


Please, change velocity sensitive for pads… Are barely usable!


Assign unused LFOs to a different track through the LFO Setup page so we can have multiple LFOs on one track. (Or more LFOs per track as already suggested)

Granular/Smaller sample length times. The jump from 0 to 1 is too large.


Ba baba:Battery please :lion::sandwich::hocho::yellow_heart:

  • Arpeggiator mode retrigs
  • Possibility to lock key/scale per track in chromatic mode (like beatstep pro)
  • Pad velocity sensitivity setting
  • Input gain for passthrough audio from USB
  • Separate gain control for audio out from M:S through USB
  • Fine tune sample start and sample length (FUNC+Sample Start?)
  • Fine tune pitch (FUNC+Pitch?)
  • Multiple destinations per LFO
  • Dist as separate parameter from track volume (FUNC+Trk Volume?)
  • Bonus 1: Time stretch
  • Bonus 2: Elektron Transfer for Android/iOS
  • Bonus 3: SerialOSC interface through USB


Loving the Model:Samples & that wonderful sequencer. One thing it could do with is a midi cc out parameter. It could conceivably go in as one of the LFO destinations on midi out tracks, just specify cc number as we currently do for depth parameter, etc. Small thing but would be a great addition for external gear sequencing.


Is it really not possible to live record ctrl all function?


Midi out cc p-locking, if not already supported or mentioned.


Absolutely, would open up the usefulness so much


Genius idea


There is totally space in the pad config screen for this.