Model:Samples Feature Requests Thread


I would love those implementations even as an os paid upgrade, like sample pitch fine tuning.
Maybe sampling to the unit through the usb class compliant mode, Attack, Multiple LFOs.


I would love to be able to disable the auto saving of pattern sequences! I keep everything blank in patterns except for sounds. It’s kind of annoying to have to reset the pattern every time I switch or I end up with old patterns and sounds when I want my init sounds again!


If there is I’m ignorant of it. I know you can save the pattern after Ctrl all but I’m interested in saving the happy accidents that come with ctrl-all and playing it back with the pads. Might be a tall order for the budget Elektron.


I’d love to have :

Amp attack = FUNC + DECAY
Bit Reduction = FUNC + VOLUME
Retrig all = FUNC + RETRIG
Detune = FUNC + PITCH

LFO Multiple destinations
Pad sensitivity adjustement

I already love my little white box.
I’d be sooooo happy with those extra features :heart_eyes:


Usb male to 1/4” female cable for standalone sampling(is that possible?) I’d be happy to pay a good amount for some special cable to do this(only sold by Elektron?) and could be a win win for consumers and Elektron!