Model:Samples Feature Requests Thread


I would love those implementations even as an os paid upgrade, like sample pitch fine tuning.
Maybe sampling to the unit through the usb class compliant mode, Attack, Multiple LFOs.


I would love to be able to disable the auto saving of pattern sequences! I keep everything blank in patterns except for sounds. It’s kind of annoying to have to reset the pattern every time I switch or I end up with old patterns and sounds when I want my init sounds again!


If there is I’m ignorant of it. I know you can save the pattern after Ctrl all but I’m interested in saving the happy accidents that come with ctrl-all and playing it back with the pads. Might be a tall order for the budget Elektron.


I’d love to have :

Amp attack = FUNC + DECAY
Bit Reduction = FUNC + VOLUME
Retrig all = FUNC + RETRIG
Detune = FUNC + PITCH

LFO Multiple destinations
Pad sensitivity adjustement

I already love my little white box.
I’d be sooooo happy with those extra features :heart_eyes:


Usb male to 1/4” female cable for standalone sampling(is that possible?) I’d be happy to pay a good amount for some special cable to do this(only sold by Elektron?) and could be a win win for consumers and Elektron!


Roland TR style pattern play


Please allow us to scroll through the sample locks while in live record mode and record the sample switching just like you can do on the digitakt.




The ability to select the default “kit” that a new project/pattern uses…
in the same concept, a default “folder” that the browser goes to when loading a new drum.

When adding a pattern to an existing project, have it copy over the settings and sounds of the first one, so I can create variations of the first one and not have to rebuild each pattern to do so. I know I can copy/paste parts and whatnot, but it would be nice to have a default action that does this. It must be possible cuz it loads those stupid default samples every time.

would love to delete the stock sounds all together, not because of drive+ space, but because I dislike all of them and hate to have to look at them every time I want to load a new sample in.





The issue isn’t the special cable. There already exists various USB/Audio input adapters. The problem is that the Model:Samples isn’t a USB Host, so it can’t ever be the “brain” behind anything regarding USB.


internal Resampling would be wonderful, with the ability to set how many bars for creating seamless loops.


I really enjoy the delay with high feedback and how it can go into runaway self-oscillation style behavior.

  1. I wish the time divisions were finer and/or tweaking the time knob was smoothed out with slew or interpolation, to avoid lo-res digital jumps.

  2. High feedback is fun. But it would be really nice if the output volume of the delay was capped, and if it had a filter option like the reverb.

High feedback should hit a predetermined volume threshold, then begin to distort. That volume should not drown out everything at ten times the level and blow up the speakers. I know that’s how it works on analog BBDs but since this is digital, why replicate the unmanageable levels?

It can still go wild, just tame the volume so it’s usable in context with the rest of the track!


Post Filter Distortion with level compensation (function + volume/dist)
Post Filter Rate Redux (function + decay)
Simple 1-knob master comp (function + main volume?)
Menu-based Autoglide option for 303-style slides (overlapping notes don’t retrigger envelope, adjustable level of portamento applied)
Retrig quantized to start on-beat (for rolls when playing pads manually)


Per pattern mutes option, like the digi’s! Can’t believe it’s not there!


Ive played it for a while and i love it! But i think it need to many “programing”, instead of just playing, like the interface sujest it works.

So i have this 2 ideas…

  1. Setting tempo: cos you load a couple of samples and you start playing around with those, but a lot of times you need to have the right tempo for them. What i think could be cool its to press record, play the samples live, and hit record again when you want to end the bar. So you could really play live!

  2. i love the new sample locks, but again, they need programing in order to really use them. So what i thought its that you could acces to a “page” or something like that, where the 6 big pads, correspond to 6 samples in one track. It would be like a mono-sampling machine with 6 tracks. So you could start an idea, really just playing samples.

Also, internal resampling. I think the interface its one of the best to play it live! But i really cant at this point. The live performance its more a gimmick than other thing for me at least.

I think that it has to go in this way, and it would be so much better for the product. Becouse the programming part of the machine puts it in the Digitakt market. But if you make posibble to the modelsamples be more playfull, people would REALLY want both of them!


Ok here’s one that almost seems more like a bug than a missing feature:

When the pads are set to retrigger, we can’t quantize the retriggering? This is driving me nuts. It’s really hard to fade in a retrigger without it being off beat.

Please, Elektron?


Lovely first unit, already exceeding expectations. I have to agree with most of the proposed improvements and would like to add a couple of mine:

  • track nudge (move all trig’s in small increments at once, i.e. micro time everything on a track)

  • pattern mute memory (save and recall mute states on pattern level)

  • filter res polarity (negative values to notch, I’m guessing the results will be usable)

  • dark finish to prevent discoloration which is happening rather quickly


please implement internal resampling, and realtime Sample lock switch recording like on the digitakt.


i was just thinking about track nudge while riding a bus like an hour ago. can’t all be moved via control all + nudge?